Back to Work


We got in late last night from a wonderful trip to Paris.
It seems to get better every year.

There is always a new street or small museum that we missed the prior year, and neighborhoods that used to be on the fringe are now the chic hot spots (Beaubourg area). It's very much like NYC that way. You can't do it all in 8 days. Each neighborhood and arrondissement and even street has its own look and flavor.

We ate cheese and full fat dairy products every day, sometimes 3 times per day.
Tons of buttery flaky pastries and lots of potatoes in duck fat.

When I got on the scale this a.m., I didn't gain one pound.
Why? Because we WALKED 6 HOURS PER DAY, never took a cab or the metro.
So, I guess there is something to this "exercise makes you lose weight" thing.
Maybe I will try it at home.

I will be in the kitchen tonight and posting something good to eat for tomorrow.

PS: Yes, the huge crock of mustard made it home in my checked luggage (wrapped in my husband's underwear!) thru customs, however, the beautiful gift box of Laduree macarons crumbled in my carry-on bag. All 24 of them are a big mess. Boo hoo.


Lisa in Delaware said…
Welcome home, Stacey! I'm glad your mustard wasn't confiscated but maybe you can use those macarons for a desert topping! I'm sure your creative talents will win out. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures of your trip and all the stories. Lisa
Anonymous said…
Go Stacey!!! I KNEW the weird European Slimming Effect would kick in for you, nothing tastes as good as thin feels, and i KNOW all that butter/duck/bread etc. tasted pretty darn good! Walking six hours a day, you must have French toned legs, start working those scarves girl!!! Welcome back. ps share all the pix you have of Paris, please, all your faithful followers enjoy them so.
Dewi said…
Home sweet home ....
Good looking couple :)

Sorry about your precious mac :(

I am waiting for your new recipe, French ?
I knew that mustard was coming home with you! The macs you could sprinkle on something, I'm sure you'll get creative with those luscious crumbs. So you didn't gain a pound? I better get my you know what walking!!! Welcome back.
Welcome back! It sounds like a fabulous trip, especially the cheese part :) I love that you didn't gain any weight! Definitely a lot to learn from that :)

mil said…
Again, MORE wonderful pictures.
You are one multi-talented woman.
Welcome home and thanks for the good time each morning,
The JR said…
Glad you had a wonderful trip.

I'm sure those macaroons won't go to waste.
Welcome home Stacey. Somehow I knew that crock of mustard would be safe with you. Why would they want to confiscate mustard from someone's luggage. Crazy. Surely they have better things to do.

Sorry about those macaroons. Surely you didn't let them go to waste. (Smile).
Anonymous said…
Vicarious enjoyment of the city of lights - thanks for sharing your trip this way...
kat said…
Glad you had such a wonderful trip!
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. The girls and I want to go to the city with you. Hopefully we can fit that into the schedule.

Mid Bro
Kathy Walker said…
Thank you for sharing you trip and welcome home!
Dana said…
Smashing couple. Speaking of smashing, sorry about the macarons. I need some of that mustard. A friend is going to Paris next month and I'm going to ask her to bring some back. I didn't gain an ounce on our trip either - walking is for real.
Welcome home! I enjoyed reading about your trip. Great pictures too!
Linda said…
Welcome Home! glad you had a great time!! you two look gorgeous!!
See you soon
Oldest Sis

I guess thats how we're signing now!!
beckswett said…
Wow- That trip even went fast for me!! Love the pix- (is the rule that when you show your teeth, Hen doesnt and vice versa?) went to your archives for a great roast chicken recipe. Thanks for saring your trip with us!! xo
zenchef said…
I've been browsing through your Paris posts and i can tell you guys had a great time. Paris has the same effect on me. I just want to move back there everytime i spent more than a week. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
Eileen said…
Your trip sounded absolutely heavenly! Please, please, more photos! I can never get too much of Paris.
lisa is cooking said…
Glad you had a great trip! I want potatoes cooked in duck fat for dinner.
Ann from Illinois said…
I've purchased those macarons at Laduree before, and believe me, I feel badly that you broke so many. They are incredible/delicious/worth the calories.

Lovely photos. I wore my French necklace last week in honor of your trip (Life Is Good....but in French).
AjaHand said…
Kevin in Las Vegas...

About to race out the door to the market for ingredients to make a 'dish-a-day' through the weekend. Fig clafoutis - fabulous! My strawberry version is a bit tired. Stacey, you rock my recipe stash!