Hair Loom BLT

hairloom blt

I have to snicker.

We went out to dinner with a couple last weekend (thankfully, they don't read this blog) and the gal ordered the "Hair Loom" salad.
Say it with a heavy Staten Island accent.

Because I can't help myself, I blurted out "what the heck is a hair loom salad?".
She meant to order the heirloom salad (like the heir to a throne).


Let's get back to tomatoes.

There are plenty of disadvantages to living in New Jersey, however, gorgeous summer produce isn't one of them.

We grow the most beautiful, juiciest HEIRLOOM tomatoes & other varieties, it's worth a visit just to take a bite.

No I am not working for the NJ Tourism Board.

Here is my daily BLT on whole wheat toast. I make it with arugula instead of lettuce.
Sometimes with bacon, sometimes without.

Swipe of mayo and I'm in heaven.

Weekly supply of heirloom tomatoes courtesy of our generous neighbors, farmers Glen and LeeAnn. Thank you!


mmm. I think I'm going to make that for lunch with basil and jalapeno-cheddar bread.
Foodiewife said…
You, blurting out what you are thinking? Really? LOL
One summer, my husband planted about 20 HAIRLOOM tomatoes. What the gophers didn't eat, still left us with a bounty of them. Sadly, whatever he planted did taste very good (they were a brownish color), so I was limited on what to make. As for your sandwich...make room room for Craig. This is exactly the kind of sandwich he'd love.
Kathy Walker said…
Yum! We would these for lunch or dinner!
Your photos look extra specially gorgeous today, there's nothing like a BLT with hairlooms! lol
Anonymous said…
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Houdini said…
Thanks for posting rare old tomato species! And your pasta with tuna is a great combination.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Who needs a garden with generous neighbors like that? beautiful tomatoes and very tempting sandwich.
Steve said…
We've had BLTs for lunch the past several weekends. I'll be sad to see that end. For now, we too, are stocking up on the hair looms each Sunday.

p.s I'd have blurted the same thing!
Lisa said…
HAHA! You crack me up!
I would have blurted the same thing!
Too funny!

Tomatoes are my favorite summer treat. My kids love them too. They do the same thing everytime they pick one off the vine... they close their eyes, pop a little cherry tomato into their mouths and say, "mmmmm it tastes like sunshine".
Don't they?! They taste exactly like what I'd imagine sunshine would taste like!
Randi Lynne said…
The sandwich looks great, but your post cracked me up. At first I assumed you ordered a BLT with HEIRLOOM tomatoes from a restaurant and found a hair looming in it. Gross, LOL!
tasteofbeirut said…
hilarious introduction! Love that sandwich!
The JR said…
How funny. Great looking tomatoes. I never get tired of fresh summer tomatoes.
kat said…
To me this is really the best way to enjoy a sweet juicy heirloom
kat said…
To me this is really the best way to enjoy a sweet juicy heirloom
Lori Lynn said…
I think I know her.
hahaha, oh man, I just burst out laughing at the "hair loom" salad comment. Too funny!

I loooove a good BLT. That looks delicious :) I made a fried green tomato BLT the other day and it was tasty for real!

Michele said…
Not everyone from Staten Island is that bad! Just letting you know! lol I lived their for 7 years. Haha!