Grillin' Turkey

grill turkey3

By now you are acquainted with my roasted herb turkey breast.

I don't make it in the summer, because I don't like to heat up the kitchen and turkey always seems like a cool weather meal to me.

Recently Marie grilled my beloved turkey breast on the bone, and I thought why not try it on my new grill?

I stuff an herb paste (this time it was basil, parsley, cilantro & sage w/ some olive oil) underneath the skin and all over the top of the turkey. Then I sprinkle it liberally with kosher salt and pepper.

Place the breast on a low-medium heat grill (I kept it at 350F on my Charbroil Heatwave infrared grill), and place it bone side down first for about 20 minutes. Keep an eye on it, then flip it over for another 20 minutes until a meat thermometer reads 160F.

(I think the time depends on your grill and how hot it gets and also the size of the bird).

It is important to let it rest before slicing, so the internal temperature reaches 170F and the juices redistribute.

Serve with stuffing if you like, but I served mine with summer tomatoes and corn on the cob!

Happy Thanksgiving in July!


Stacey, I've made this turkey at least 4 times on the grill this summer, I love how it gets all crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, I even made a cajun grilled version. Either way the leftovers are fabulous in a sandwich the next day. Last Thanksgiving I made a whole turkey in the oven and a breast out on the grill. I went for the grilled!
The JR said…
We'll its not a cold weather food anymore! Looks awesome.
Oh Stacey, you know you're hungry when you look at the picture of the uncooked turkey breast and you want to take a bit. This looks amazing! I look forward to trying it indoors this winter!
Dewi said…
Grilled turkey look really tempting. Delicious one.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I need to think outside the box when it comes to turkey - and I need a new grill too. Yours looks really nice.
Palma said…
Looks awesome Stacey- I have to tell you I love your site, recipes,photography, posts etc. So far every recipe I've tried since finding your site in the last month has turned out great! Looking forward to more. You obviously have a great sense of style- one I can relate & aspire to so Thank you!!!(Palma from NJ)
kat said…
We haven't done a turkey breast on the grill this year, think it might be time soon