Grilled Zucchini w/ Feta & Mint


It's that time again in New Jersey, when zucchini is falling off the vines.

Zucchini is a pretty boring vegetable, very bland, sort of like chicken breasts. It needs your help to become the star it is destined to be.

Zucchini bread, zucchini gratin, tossed with pasta & feta cheese, ratatouille, zucchini lasagne, sauteed zucchini or in a summer quiche w/ corn.

The wonderful thing about this vegetable is the possibilities are endless.

I have been grilling zucchini weekly, tossing it with a splash of balsamic vinegar while still warm and adding a bunch of chopped fresh mint from my garden & crumbled feta cheese.

Zucchini and mint just belong together. Their flavors compliment eachother.

Make sure to use the lighter green spearmint variety, which has a sweetness to it, rather than the harsher dark green peppermint leaf, which in my opinion, is only good for freshening breath.




The JR said…
I have a ton of it needing to be cooked. This looks good Stacey.
Dewi said…
For me, this is the best way to enjoy zucchini.
kat said…
Such a fresh way to make it. I actually made zucchini baklava last week trying to find new ways to use it
Jen_from_NJ said…
I agree - zucchini and mint are just perfect together and I just love the crumbled feta on top.
Lori Lynn said…
Definitely a winning combination!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Grilled zucchini is definitely one of my summertime standards. It makes such a good addition to picnics, when everybody else has mayo based things or oil-and-vinegar type salads.
Grilled zucchini is a staple here in the summer, I like how you used mint, I don't use it enough, I'm always going for the basil!
Aunt Lollie said…
Yummm... i can't wait to try this. I love adding herbs to my food.
Dana said…
I think zucchini is the star of the grill. It tastes so good even without those yummy additions. It's the vegetable I used to hate most as a kid and now I love it.