Cherry Almond Tartlets

cherry tart7

I love anything baked in a muffin tin that turns into little individual packages.
It just seems special that way.

I had a small bowl of cherries leftover and a frozen pie crust from Trader Joe's.
Not enough to make a cherry pie, but enough to make little cherry tartlets.

Lori from Recipe Girl made these cute Cherry Pie Cups back in July and she was my inspiration. I used her basic recipe, but added leftover frangipane that I had in the freezer (doesn't everyone have leftover frangipane in their freezer?), and I also added sliced almonds, since cherries and almonds go so nicely together.

These were easy and lovely.

Cherry Almond Tartlets (adapted from Recipe Girl):

1 frozen pie crust pastry, defrosted

1 cup or more of cherries, pitted and sliced in half
2 tbsp of sugar
zest of a lemon
1 tsp cornstarch

my additions: 1/4 cup of frangipane & 1/4 cup of sliced almonds

1 egg yolk and a tablespoon of milk for the egg wash

coarse grain (turbinado) sugar for sprinkling on the top of the tartlets

In a bowl, mix the sliced cherries w/ the sugar, lemon zest, almonds and cornstarch. (I don't expect you to have the frangipane, but I added this to the cherry mixture).

Roll out the pie dough and cut with a 4" round cutter. Place each dough round in a muffin tin, saving the scraps for the top decoration. I had enough for 6 tartlets.

Fill the muffin tins with the cherry mixture.

Cut the dough scraps into any shape you like, I did a lattice design. Decorate the tops of the tartlets and brush w/ the egg wash. Sprinkle w/ coarse grain sugar.

Bake in a 350F for 20-25 minutes until browning and filling is bubbling.

Let rest in the muffin tin for 15 minutes before serving.



Simply Life said…
oh wow! those look amazing!
Linda said…
OK now those are CUTE!!!
Stacey, I laughed when I saw the title of this post in my feed. I thought, "I wonder if this counts in Stacey's tart count..." Either way they look adorable and delicious.
mil said…
I can attest to their
yumminess ... absolutely delish!
And what is frangipane? Of course, you're correct - I don't have it in my fridge.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Adorable - and delicious too, I'm sure.
Dewi said…
Cheery, almond, oh dear ... what not to like here? They look pretty cute too.
Jen_from_NJ said…
Your tartlets are just adorable!
Sorry no frangipane here, but could you send me one, you know I hate to pit cherries. Oh this would be so good with my coffee right now!
Steve said…
OK, these look great. And from what I can tell, there were more than two of them. So, that would be one for you, one for Henry and I'm wondering where mine is. I think Anne was wondering the same thing.
Kathy Walker said…
You make it look so easy! I know that they were delicious. Who doesn't love cherries and almonds?
Deeba PAB said…
What a great great idea. I'd love to try these soon!
Foodiewife said…
Another victory for the Queen of Tarts. Um, where's the fragiapane recipe? My freezer seems to have swallowed mine. Not.
Cherry & almond... excellent combo!
Lisa from DE said…
How cute! Now I know what to do with all my frangipane that's been in the freezer! Since I didn't know what that's what it says on Google: Frangipane is a filling made from or flavored like almonds. This filling can be used in a variety of ways including cakes, tarts and other assorted pastries. An alternative French spelling from a 1674 cookbook is franchipane with the earliest modern spelling coming from a 1732 confectioners' dictionary. Originally designated as a custard tart flavored by almonds or pistachios it came later to designate a filling that could be used in a variety of confections and baked goods.

In some anecdotes this is a kind of sweet a noblewoman Jacopa da Settesoli brought to St. Francis of Assisi, when he was dying in 1226. Such a history of frangipane!
The JR said…
Very cute. I bet they were fantastic.