Tomato Cherry Salad

cherry salad2

Summer doesn't get any better than this.

Fresh, fabulous Jersey tomatoes paired along with beautiful ripe, sweet cherries.

This is the B.E.S.T.

Drizzle w/ some good balsamic vinegar, a sprinkle of salt and it's done (and the annoying task of pitting the cherries).

That's all folks.

Hard to believe that cherries and tomatoes go so nicely together.

Why not? A tomato is a fruit anyway.

Make sure you are using the best summer tomatoes you can find, not the supermarket type. And you can only make this in the summer. That is law.

Great Cherry & Tomato Salad (from 5 Second Rule): REALLY a great salad

1 lb. of cherries, mixed Bing and Rainier, pitted and halved
1 basket of tomatoes, heirloom, cherry and grape (as many varieties as you can find!)
balsamic vinegar
kosher salt

I put all the ingredients in a big bowl, sprinkled w/ kosher salt then drizzled with a little Italian balsamic vinegar and mixed together right before serving.
Serve at room temperature.



I have some weird inability to pair tomatoes with fruit. You're right that it makes sense, but it's always freaked me out. Your pictures make it looks so good, though! I also like that this recipe isn't too elaborate so if I try it and don't like it, it's not like I made truffle reduction or anything. Thanks!
Ruchi said…
Hi there, my name is ruchi n i am frm india.. i used to follow ur blog regularly in office :P to over come the boredom n i fancy the recipes tht u post!!
i was'nt able to have access to blogs for quite some time.. n when i finally got it.. i hadddd too visit ur blog!
u r the BEST!!
keep posting..
Ciao Chow Linda said…
It does seem like a strange pairing, but I'll take your word for it since the photo looks so great.
The JR said…
Woulda never thunk it....
Interesting, it's beautiful.
Claudia said…
In-ter-est-ing and you know - I will give it a go! Sweet cherries are so sweet this just may be a great pairing. It certainly is tasty for my eyes!
kat said…
Tomatoes & Cherries? Really?! Who'd have thought
gorgeous pairing! So inspired. I think cherries are on my list for shopping this weekend!
Pam said…
I've never thought to combine tomatoes with cherries... this salad looks flavorful and beautiful!
If you say it's the best, then I have to try it, but wait, do I have to pit cherries?
Now this I have to try. I love both tomatoes and cherries. I've paired tomatoes with peaches, but I can't wait to try cherries with them. Thanks for the inspiration Stacey. They must taste divine.