Good Ideas: Mustard Salad Dressing

I get annoyed at people who don't recycle.

What's the big deal?

The town picks up our newspapers, bottles and cans every Thursday morning, it's free, and all you have to do is put the stuff at the curb, so why not TRY and do something that MIGHT help the environment?

I don't drive a Prius or anything like that, but I feel that recycling is the least I can do to help my state's D.E.P. dump less "stuff" in our landfills, and NJ has a few of them! (Hey, have they found Jimmy Hoffa yet?).

I have this creepy neighbor (doesn't everybody?), who does nothing to help the community.
He doesn't vote, he doesn't recycle, and his wine bottles are overflowing in his garbage cans.

Should I say something? or should I be nice and take his bottles out of his cans and put them in MY recycling?

Nah. Karma will get him some other way.

Isn't this a salad dressing post? Stacey, can you stay on track?

This is really about how I recycle this silly French mustard jar.

When there is a little less than a tablespoon of mustard left in the jar, and you know you are going to have to work hard to get it out, I have found a new life for it.

Mix a few shakes of your favorite vinegar in it, and some olive oil.

I like a few flakes of Maldon sea salt and some black pepper.
Shake it up in the jar, and you will have salad dressing all week.

A mustard vinaigrette works well on most greens and salad combos.

I add some minced shallots and chopped fresh herbs to it sometimes. The jar never gets totally empty.

I hope I don't get salmonella poisoning, but so far, it's been about 2 years and I keep adding to it!


Mustard dressing is unbeatable. So is recycling!
lisa is cooking said…
I love using almost empty mustard jars for salad dressing! I learned this tip from a Bobby Flay show way back when and have used it since. It's such a great idea. (And, I love recycling. I even drive a Prius. I really do!)
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'm glad you're doing your bit for the environment. And that salad looks delicious.
Dewi said…
I think the recycle guy should be the one who tell him or give him a call. I got a call once from my garbage recycle company that I put the wrong item in the wrong bin. Here in our neighborhood, we recycle everything including the plastic container from the plants that we buy from nursery. We also have 2 separate bins in addition to recycle bin and garbage bin, one is yard waste (brush trimming and small wood stuff from the garden) and composted material (grass/lawn trimming, vegetable scraps, etc that basically can be use for compost). The fun part is every spring and summer,they provide compost for our garden for free :)

I do that too, if the jar is cute enough, I use it to bake custard.
The JR said…
Good idea Stacey. I'd take all your neighbor's blue wine bottles....... I'm a blue glass addict!
Lisa from Wilmington, DE said…
Beautiful salad, Stacey! I do the same thing with my mustard jar and it's the perfect size to make several servings of salad dressing and get the 'goody' out of the mustard jar. Why is it that everyone seems to have a weird neighbor? While my trash service doesn't recycle, I try to be environmentally conscious by taking my own cloth bags to the market, using the special light bulbs and not running the tap while brushing my teeth! The best recycling is trading recipes! Thanks, Stacey.
Maria said…
I am always looking for new dressings to try. Love this!
mil said…
I have been known to take my Mother's "grabber" and a plastic bag with me on my walk in order to pick up the empty cans and bottles
along the curbs and sidewalks.
Some of it falls from the recycling containers but some of it
The Food Hunter said…
great idea on getting the last bits of mustard out.
Foodiewife said…
Well, I do drive a hybrid! I do recycle. I don't expect everyone to have a hybrid, by not recycling is so selfish to me. Well, lazy. I also NEVER buy bottled salad dressing. Why? Homemade salad dressing is so easy. It's way better, cheaper...and this one is right up my alley. Love it. Kudos to you, Ms. Green.
Jen_from_NJ said…
Love the salad dressing idea - hate the creepy neighbor! How lazy! Good for you for doing your part.
Dana said…
I agree with you on everything here. I always use old jars for making salad dressing although I prefer salsa jars because the opening tends to be bigger. Yes, I usually buy salsa rather than make it. :) Good idea for that last tablespoon of mustard!
Claudia said…
Well .... I don't keep the same mustard jar for two years - but do love reusing jars. I make a game out of recycling. How little can I throw out? (And I've recycled my share of wine bottles...) I talked my town into another recycling bin. Maybe by next year I'll be up to 3. And oh - yes, do appreciate mustard in my vinaigrette.
I have two huge cans, one for recycling and one for trash. The recycling bin dosen't get picked up until it's totally filled, they make it very easy for us to do it. I started recycling pretty jars for spice rubs and other things, I like looking into clear jars. I like your mustard jar, I would snatch that!
Lori Lynn said…
I do the same with my mustard jars.
The salad looks awesome.

I'm glad the neighbor doesn't vote, sounds like he couldn't be bothered to research the candidates or issues.
Anonymous said…
Gosh that neighbor sounds absolutely horrible. I have to wonder how you deal with such an irresponsible person. But I do hope you have other neighbors nearby who make up for his abominable behavior.

I happen to have a wonderful neighbor next door to me. She's always cooking and sharing and laughing. I'm just lucky I guess.