Friday Night Crostini: Goat Cheese & Fig Jam

fig goat cheese2

It's Friday again, time for summer evening antipasto on the patio.

I had some of that homemade Ad Hoc fig jam leftover in the fridge (it lasts for a month).

Toast some baguette slices and spread with a good herbed goat cheese.

Top with a little fig jam (you can buy fig jam already prepared) and end with a baby arugula leaf.

Ready, set, go.


The JR said…
Um, nom, nom, nom good!
The Food Hunter said…
Sounds like a great Friday night you have planned.
Figs and goat cheese... amazing combination!!!

I love Ad Hoc's products. My mom bought the cupcake mix and while I would never think I'd want boxed cupcake mix, she made them and they were really, really, really awesome!

Stacey Snacks said…
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What time are you going to be out there on the patio, I might stop by.
I Wish!!
That jam you made is awesome!
kat said…
Oh, I'd order that one off of any menu!