Summer Pleasures: Affogato

Most people tend to lose weight in the summer. Salads, fresh vegetables and lots of lovely summer fruit are on the menu.

I am the opposite.

I am always heavier in the summer months than in the cold weather months.

Why am I so special?

It's simple.
I consume more cocktails on the patio with neighbors; we go to more BBQ's and parties; I eat more potato salad; and after dinner, we either go downtown to Magic Fountain for ice cream, or I make affogato.

If you have never had affogato, then you have been missing out!

I see it on most Italian restaurant menus and I always order it.

It is just 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream or gelato in a glass, with hot espresso poured over the ice cream, table side.

It literally means "drowned" in Italian. The ice cream is drowning in coffee.

Scoop your ice cream into glasses and brew your espresso. With a little pitcher, pour the hot espresso over the ice cream and eat immediately.

Serve with some coffee beans, a shot of amaretto or kahlua, or just on its own.



Ciao Chow Linda said…
I love coffee ice cream, so you know affogato is a favorite of mine. Nicely composed photo with the coffee beans.
never heard of affogato - or maybe I wasnt paying attention - sounds tasty.
The JR said…
It looks like a Coffee Float....
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure I"d ever get to sleep if I ate this in the evening.. or even before noon! Must find decaf espresso!
Coffee, my secret obsession, I love these! Nice photos Stace.
that would be heaven in a glass....what a wonderful idea!
thanks so much for sharing1
tasteofbeirut said…
Discovered affogatto and just went nuts! That is the one ice-cream can't resist. It;s that coffee! good espresso is a must.
It sounds like you know how to do summer!
kat said…
Now there is a treat! I think my summer problem is too many local beers on the patio...
The Food Hunter said…
This is my hubby's favorite. He gets it whenever it's on a menu.
Maybe I should have answered my espresso machine as the kitchen item I could not live without. I haven't had it hooked up for over a month now (It was in the shop long before the kitchen remodel even started; blew up due to hard water). Without my cappuccino in the morning, I'm not good at anything else the rest of the day. Hope to get an Affogato made before the end of the summer! Your photos are great!