Roasted Hen with Herb


By the title of this post you'd think I was roasting my husband Henry with my Uncle Herb.
Not the case.

My neighbor was kind enough to pick me up a lovely kosher Rock Cornish Hen the other day from Costco (seems like the only place to find them).

What is a Rock Cornish Hen anyway?
Supposedly it's a crossbreed between a White Rock hen and a Cornish hen.

Ok, that really didn't explain it, but it is a smaller breed of fowl, with more white meat and leaner than your regular Friday night chicken.

Cornish Hens always seemed so precious.
My paternal grandmother would reserve them for special occasions, everyone got an individual hen on a fancy Minton china plate.

They were usually stuffed with rice and I always felt like a grown up eating them (though there was little meat on them, looking back).

As an adult, I don't think I have ever purchased a little Cornish Hen from Cornwall, or wherever the things are from! I like meat! I want leftovers for tomorrow!
The bigger the better!

Well, this particular bird was 4 lbs! A big sucker.

If you don't have fresh herbs in your garden, on your patio or on your window sill, get some!

They make every meal better, from a fresh basil leaf on a sandwich to chopped parsley on top of a pasta dish.
I couldn't live without them.

I made a fresh herb paste (parsley, thyme and rosemary with olive oil) to rub under the skin and stuffed him with a quarter of an onion and some smashed garlic cloves.

Seasoned the sucker with kosher salt and pepper and roasted him at 425F for about an hour plus a few minutes, basting him once or twice (isn't a hen a "she"?).

I let the bird rest a few minutes before slicing.

Save the skin for me.

This was truly delicious.


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Like you, I cherish the ability to walk outside and pluck some fresh herbs for the kitchen. Love the way you tucked that herb mixture under the skin.
Anonymous said…
Any chance you could give a little guidance on remedial herb growing? The basics, real simple, or i'll get overwhelmed. Where to start. By the way, I'm right here in the Garden State, sharing the climate w/you.
mil said…
YUMMY.... Now, THAT'S AN HERB GARDEN!!! Always beautiful at your home!!
Hen looks delicious, too.
The JR said…
I luv your herb garden. I have the seeds to start one.....will get around to it sometime I guess.

The hen looks fantastic.
Like you I couldn't live without my fresh herbs, it's so nice to walk out and snip your very own, it makes everything taste better! Very tasty looking hen you have there.
Makes it so much better that the herbs were fresh from your garden. Thanks for the great post.
CB said…
this sounds tasty....try this recipe with some indirect heat and smoke on the new grill.
Linda said…
Youre so good with Hen!! and I can attest to that, being HIS big sister and all!!!!!

Oh yeah, the little chicken thing looks good too!!
Love ya
LaDue & Crew said…
I'm jealous- you grow herbs. I kill anything green! Then again this AZ heat might have a little to do with it. Looks fab Stacey. Hungry, and jealous as usual over here ;)
Lori Lynn said…
Your herbs are gorgeous, Stace. Good advice!
Foodiewife said…
I've been kidnapped at work, so I haven't blogged nor read blogs for a week! I just caught up on all of yours-- and I have to say, your container herb garden is so impressive! I'll make a note to check out these big birds, the next time I hit Costco!