Random Bites in May

A very sad day in May.

Today, May 15, the iconic Empire Diner in NYC will be serving their last meal.

The Empire Diner has been a NYC institution, open 24 hours, 7 days a week, serving Chelsea residents, hungry (& drunk) night owls and tourists for 35 years.

I started going there in the 80's after late night parties and my husband & I had our first date there in 1986.

The landlord lost her lease and they will be looking for a new space.
Though the food is not the same as it was back then, it's still a place to go when you are hungry at 2 a.m. and looking for an omelet or burger in the middle of the night.

I am sad.
Florent closed and now this. Is someone trying to tell me something?


Foodiewife said…
It's like losing an old friend, isn't it? What a cute diner! Hopefully, the Empire Diner will rise again. When my favorite restaurant closed in Pacific Grove, CA I felt as though a part of me was closing, too. My first prom. Romantic date. Son's 16th birthday. It's a sign of the economic times.
Unknown said…
Hi, Stacey - so sorry to hear your 'old friend' is moving on. Like you, I enjoy patronizing special shops and places to eat and it's sad when they go. I want to say, 'Hey! you can't do that!' You have great memories for the 2 of you at the diner. Did you get your picture taken together in front of the diner for old time's sake? Lisa
Lori Lynn said…
Sorry to hear about the loss of your old stompin' grounds.

Good that you are still out at 2 AM, I haven't done that is quite a while!
The JR said…
I feel your pain. We've lost a few of the ol places and its made me sad.....