First Caprese Salad of the Season

spring caprese4

For some people, Memorial Day grilling kicks off the summer season.
For me, it's my first Caprese Salad that signifies it's time for warm weather foods!

Since it's still technically spring, and we won't have Jersey tomatoes till late August, why not use roasted peppers?
Red and yellow, please.

The little basil leaves are from my herb garden, and the olives in the middle of the platter are there because I didn't have enough cheese to cover the plate!

Buy fresh mozzarella cheese, packed in water.
Drain the cheese, and pat it dry.
Slice it into comfortable slices, and layer between roasted peppers and a basil leaf tucked in neatly.

Sprinkle w/ sea salt and drizzle with a little white balsamic vinegar.
Turn some cracked black pepper over and drizzle with olive oil just before serving.

Serve at room temperature with crusty bread.

Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
This is just a beautifully presented dish with an attractive color combination and great flavor appeal.
Kathy Walker said…
Refresing! Looks delicious...a perfect accompaniment to a meal.
The JR said…
Lovely. Just great colors and I like the addition of the olives.
kat said…
I bet that is great. I love the idea of doing a caprese based on what is in season. The local Italian place is doing one with asparagus right now.
Michele said…
I love eating olives with fresh mozzarella!
Zoe said…
I made my first caprese last weekend. I love the pepper idea instead of tomatoes.
Great idea! And me with a fridge full of red and orange peppers!
The Food Hunter said…
Looks wonderful. I love the idea of using the peppers.
Jen_from_NJ said…
I love the idea of using white balsamic vinegar and peppers instead of tomatoes. Just perfect!
Good idea with the peppers! You're so resourceful! I think the olives were a great addition.
tasteofbeirut said…
That is funny; that's what I had in mind next! Love your version with the different peppers and olives; much more interesting.
Lisa in Wilmington, DE said…
That's gorgeous, fresh and Spring-y! I love fresh basil with mozzarella (and garlic). Can't wait for those Jersey tomatoes. Thanks, Stacey. Lisa
Lori Lynn said…
So pretty. I like the addition of olives, rounds out the colors and flavors.
Hope you are having a good MD weekend, grillin' up a storm no doubt.