Spaghetti w/ Sardines, Fennel & Breadcrumbs


Ok, I know this recipe is not for everyone, but it is for me.

My husband has been loving sardines as an evening snack with his olives lately, and I am not complaining.

They are very rich in omega 3, iron and potassium and are low in fat. They are listed as one of the 15 "super foods".

Mark Bittman from the NY Times had this nice pantry meal consisting of sardines, onions, toasted breadcrumbs and olive oil. Now how good does that sound?

You've probably tuned out by now........but I hope not.

I found this interesting and strange looking can of sardines from Italy at my Italian grocer.

The ingredients listed in Italian were wild fennel, currants and sardines and in English it said that it was for "macaroni". I had to buy it, even though it did sound weird.

I added some sauteed onions, more currants and another can of sardines to the mixture in a pan and simmered it for a few minutes. The smell was amazing! (all that wild fennel!).

I made some fresh breadcrumbs from a brioche bun in my food processor and in a heavy skillet browned them in a tablespoon of butter.

I tossed the sardine sauce with spaghetti, topping it with the breadcrumbs and drizzled with olive oil and fresh parsley.

Transported to Venice for the evening! Delicious.

added note: My friend Jim from Montville just sent me this link all about Pasta con Sarde eaten on St. Joseph's day. Check out the link!


Anonymous said…
That sardine can's an amazing kitschy objet d'art, but I don't think I have the conjones to eat what's inside it. But you do Stacey, bravo!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I have to give you props for trying these things Stacey (and Henry). I think you are both honorary Italians.
If you fixed it for me, I would at least try it. But I don't think I would fix it for myself.....
I have been reading that sardines are one of the best possible foods you can eat. And even better if it's on top of spaghetti.
Claudia said…
My husband has been eating tuna with his olives lately, why not sardines? I think sometimes if you keep an ingredient a secret, you win - both in flavor and health.
kat said…
We are trying to add more oily fish to our diet & this sounds like a really good way...totally going to try it
I'm not a lover of sardines, but you make everything look good! I'd definitely try it, ( if you made it for me).
Love your blog! found it googling Masrers egg salad. will be trying your recipe today!
meant Masters...{the golf tournament}
Kathleen said…
This totally looks like something that would be served in a little Venetian restaurant. Very authentic!
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacy, Jim from Montville. This is St Joseph's Macaroni in my wife's family. Here's a link for a similar recipe, in fact they use the same sardines. Also a little history on St.Joseph's Day. See you at the Rez.
Stacey Snacks said…
Thanks for the link, I added it the post! See you at the Res this weekend!
Jen_from_NJ said…
I trust you Stacey. I will give this a try! I have had an olive addiction lately so why not try the sardines also? Your finished pasta dish looks amazing!
Cherine said…
Interesting recipe! Love it!