Friday Night Lights: Schiacciata con L'Uva


Leave it to the Italians to put grapes on a pizza, though I have had champagne grape pizza at Grandaisy Bakery in NYC.

It truly is a special thing.

Schiacciata (pronounced ski-ah-CHA-ta) con L'Uva is an Etruscan grape bread or pie and is made to celebrate the grape harvest in Tuscany in the fall.

No grape harvest here and no Concord grapes to be found, so red grapes will have to do!

I tried Mario Batali's recipe but added cooked fennel along with the fennel seed.

I sliced a small fennel bulb super thin and sauteed it in olive oil and added a few fennel seeds for a nice anise flavor.

Many traditional versions of this yeast bread recipe use rosemary instead of fennel.
I will certainly be trying them both!

You can use purchased pizza dough to make life easier.

Rub some olive oil over the dough.
Slice grapes in half and lay them over the dough, open side down, pushing the grapes down into the dough so some of the juice gets on the bread.
Spread some of the cooked fennel around and sprinkle with sea salt.

Bake at 450F for 12-15 minutes, until pizza looks done.
Garnish w/ fennel fronds if you like.

This was lovely served with Friday night antipasto along with cheese and olives and a nice bottle of vino.


Ciao Chow Linda said…
I've had something similar in Italy and always loved this. You're turning into a real ITALIAN! I think there's an Italian skeleton in your closet.
The JR said…
Wooda neva thunk to do that to a pizza.
kat said…
Oh how wonderful! My favorite flatbread pizza at a restaurant here in town is apples, grapes & honey with blue cheese, amazing
lisa is cooking said…
The fennel sounds so good with the grapes! And, perfect with a glass of wine.
The Food Hunter said…
I've never had anything like this..but I'd love to try it.
Dana said…
Gorgeous Stacey! I would eat that whole thing as dinner.
Taylor Phillips said…
i was about to say that this looks like pizza..and when i scrolled down, it uses pizza dough..i think im gonna love this..i love pizza
Angela said…
Fantastic recipe and perfect for a picnic. You just keep knocking these Italian recipes out of the park. I love it!
Eileen said…
Oh, does this look good! And beautiful, too.
Foodiewife said…
sniffling. I see I missed out on a slice like that. Funny. I made a grape & rosemary focaccia bread that I have yet to post. I really liked the grape idea a lot. The fennel would be terrific addition. In fact... I'm borrowing your idea for the next batch I make!