Alsatian Apple Tart

apple tart10

This is much easier to make than it looks.

This is a gorgeous recipe from one of my favorite little NYC bakeries, Once Upon a Tart. Their cookbook is so beautifully written with great step by step instructions. It's one of my favorite cookbooks to look thru and get inspired (do I need inspiration to make a tart? I don't think so).

You can make one large tart, or 4 small ones, like I did.

This is very close to a traditional apple tart from Alsace, but made with New York State apples!

Alsatian Apple Tart (adapted from the cookbook Once Upon a Tart):

1 sheet frozen, defrosted puff pastry, rolled out and cut into rounds to fit your tart pans or single 8" pan. Keep pastry cool until ready to fill.

For the custard:

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup of light cream
1/2 cup of whole milk
1/3 cup of sugar

Whisk all these ingredients together and transfer to a measuring cup for easier pouring later.

2 baking apples (for 4 little tarts), Rome or Granny Smith (I used what I had, Gala)
1/4 cup of warmed apricot preserves (for the glaze)

Peel and core the apples. Slice in half, then slice into thin slices going across.

Arrange half an apple in each prepared pastry fitted tart pan, partially fanning the apple open.

You will have 4 halves to fill 4 small tart pans.
If you are using one 8" tart pan, then arrange the apples in a fan pattern, overlapping slices (you may need one more apple for a larger tart).

To make life easier, place the tart pans with the apples on a rimmed baking sheet and put in the oven with the rack pulled out. Keep the door open to pour the custard over the tarts. This way you don't have to walk over to the oven holding the baking sheet and spill the liquid, since the custard comes up to the top of the pastry. (Good idea!).

Carefully pour the custard over the apples and around them to the top of the pastry.
You will most likely have extra custard.

Bake at 375F for about 45 minutes until tarts look golden.

I had one tart that leaked a little custard onto the baking sheet, not sure how to remedy that problem, but no big deal (except the egg custard sticks!).

When done, remove from the oven.

While still warm, brush with apricot jam (homemade by my friend Martha) that has been heated in the microwave.

After the tarts have cooled a few minutes, carefully run a knife around the tart pans to remove. They can be tricky to remove, because if some custard gets around the pastry, then they tend to stick to the pan.

Serve warm or at room temperature.

I LOVED these, and they are pretty too.

C'est magnifique!, if I do say so myself.


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Thanks for posting this Miss Tart Queen. I didn't know "Once Upon A Tart" had a cookbook. Love that little place and you did a terrific job with their tart recipe.
Steve said…
The Queen of Tarts strikes again. Beautiful. These are now in my archives.
Linda said…
I too will say c'est Magnifique!!
those are adorable, and look delish!!
YUM!! wish Ihad one with my coffee now!!!
Love you
kat said…
One of my favorite desserts & your presentation is just beautiful
Cherine said…
yummy, this looks really delicious!
Penny said…
I love my small tart pans and this is another great use for them. Great job and beautiful presentation.
mdmunster said…

I've made this and I can't agree more with you. It's awesome!!

I'm looking for the Pumpkin Pecan Tart recipe from them, would it be in your book and are you willing to share.
I bow down to you Queen of Tarts!
used to life right across the street from once upon a tart right after 9/11 for 4 years. i never thought it was anything awesome - it was my local place to grab a coffee and i loved their scones. who knew they had a cookbook. interesting.

you made your tart look absolutely beautiful. this is one of my favorites in the world! look at that lovely color.
Bluebird NY said…
These are beautiful, Sta! I'm so glad you found a use for the apricot jam...xo
SarahB said…
I love the mini tart pans! So cute!! These look delicious.
The JR said…
Yes, very beautiful.
These are beautiful, Stacey. That happens to be one of my favorite cookbooks.
Stacey, bless you! I had these on my first trip to Paris, and ate them like popcorn. The kind women of my favorite boulangerie would just chuckle when they saw me coming. Apple season is coming up and I'll be in heaven again, thanks to you. Merci. -TC
Unknown said…
Try adding a touch of water to your jam before heating and straining it before brushing it on :) totally works like a charm to give them a smooth professional finish!