Leftover Love: Cuban Sandwich


I don't think I have ever made such good use from the $7. pork loin and leftover roasted potatoes.

Today's lunch made from last night's leftovers, ranks in the top 3 lunches I have ever made.

I was inspired by Bobby Flay after watching his "throwdown" with a Cuban chef from Jersey City, Nick Vazquez. They competed and made Cubano Grande sandwiches.

Of course the Cuban guy won, how could he not?
He roasted a gorgeous whole pork shoulder that he marinated overnight in garlic and citrus and whatever, then roasted it in the oven for 6 hours with a salt crust. Oy.

Vazquez likes kosher dill pickles, Gruyere cheese and Virginia ham.
He used mayo, while Bobby used aioli (homemade garlic mayonnaise).

However you make it, as long as you have the basics, this sandwich is a win/win situation.

I didn't have the long rolls, but the Italian panella worked out just great.

I actually made my own aioli without the egg yolk from Jim Lahy's book MY BREAD.
It was very good, but did not come out the consistency I would've liked. It should've been thicker, instead it was more of a salad dressing emulsion. Next time I will listen to my friend Noel, and use the yolk.

Cuban Sandwich made by me:

Good French bread rolls, or panella Italian bread
Roast pork (leftover from last night)
Ham (I used prosciutto, you can use Virginia ham, or deli ham)
Garlic aioli for spreading on the bread
kosher dill pickles, sliced thin
Gruyere cheese sliced thin

Layer all ingredients on the bread and spread with aioli.

Press down in a panini press or grill pan with heavy lid. Flip over and cook until all components are melted together.


Oh yeah, and here is the potato salad recipe that I made with the leftover potatoes from last night.

While the potatoes are still warm, toss them with a tablespoon of French grainy mustard, a little olive oil and 1 tbsp of white balsamic dressing.
Sprinkle w/ fresh parsley and refrigerate overnight.

This was the perfect accompaniment to the Cuban sandwiches.

Whoever thought leftovers could be so good?


meseidy said…
Cuban sandwich with a little Italian twist. I love it!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Those roast porks are so economical and stretch so far as you've shown. I like your creativity and use of prosciutto instead of regular ham.
The JR said…
I luv it when things can double duty as another meal.

We had red beans and sausage. My hubby was tired of them. So last night I cooked them down till the juice was gone and they were pretty mushy. Took the sausage links out and whizzed them in the food processor. Put it back into the beans.

Slapped that and some taco meat and cheese on a burrito. WahLa. He was impressed.
kat said…
We saw that episode too. Matt is such a huge fan of the Cuban sandwich. Next time we do a pork roast I totally need to remember this for leftovers
Bob said…
Oh that looks wicked good. I love Cuban sandwiches. The pork that Vazquez made sounds amazing, I'll have to see if I can find a recipe.
The Food Hunter said…
You make a mean Cuban Sandwich!
Pam said…
I want that sandwich now! It looks fantastic Stacey.
Jen_from_NJ said…
Now that's a sandwich! I want one.
Velva said…
That sounds like a fabulous Cuban sandwich made by Stacey. Awesome.
I never liked cuban sandwiches before til I saw this!
SarahB said…
Awesome use of leftover pork! We have always wanted to do this but never bit the bullet!