Good Ideas: Grilled Cheddar w/ Caramelized Apples

apple cheddar3

I may change the title from "Good Ideas" to "GREAT Ideas"!

This recipe was inspired by Isabelle, who has a great French Canadian blog.
You can translate her recipes from French to English easily with the google translator.

This is not brain surgery.

Slice some apples, any kind will do. I left the skin on.

Make sure you are using good crusty bread.

In a heavy skillet, heat some butter and and saute apples for about 10 minutes on high heat till getting syrupy. Sprinkle with a little sugar while cooking.
(I used 1 apple and 1 tbsp sugar for 2 sandwiches, to be exact).

Butter bread slices and in a panini press or heavy skillet, layer slices of cheddar cheese, then caramelized apples and top with another slice of bread to form sandwich.

Add a little olive oil to the pan so the butter from the bread won't burn.

Press down sandwich with heavy lid and cook until cheese is melted and gooey.
Carefully flip with a spatula and grill the other side.

This makes a special lunch any time.

Another good idea would be sliced pears with brie.

I loved grilled cheese!


The JR said…
I made hubby something similar a few weeks back. The only difference is that I added ham. Big meatatarian so meat is a must.

He liked it, even though he thought he wouldn't like the apples in a sandwich.
Pam said…
Yum! This looks delicious! What a sandwich! Grilled cheese is so good and I love it with the apples! Thanks!
Bob said…
Holy crap. That's brilliant. I'm making one right now!
Laurie said…
Wow Stacy, how flavorful! I think this is something my little ones would love too. :)
kat said…
We are both on the grilled cheese train today. There was a cafe near my office in San Francisco that served a sandwich like this, it was always my favorite!
Anonymous said…
You got some smokin' grill marks there Stacey, would you please share with us the brand ridged pan you use?
Stacey Snacks said…
Anonymous (I still would like to know your name!):

I bought an ANOLON ADVANCED commercial quality nonstick grill pan with heavy glass lid. It has a rubber handle, and though I don't like nonstick cookware as a rule, I LOVE this pan for fish, pork chops and grilled sandwiches.
It is the best nonstick pan I have owned.

I can't seem to find it anymore, I bought it at TJ Maxx for $30. They must've discontinued this deeper model, though the Anolon site has the shallow model without lid for $39.99.

Go for it!
noble pig said…
OMG the perfect little sandwich.
Maria said…
Yum! I love pear, brie, and agave together!
Grilled cheese is definitely a comfort food for me. It's funny because I hated it growing up. Sometime around high school a switch was flipped. I remember eating a sandwich like this at a coffee shop in Calgary while on a business trip. The cheese and the bread were just perfect. It was the best warmer for a chilly rainy day.
Claudia said…
Yes, please. To the apples and cheddar AND pears with brie.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh yes, I think I just found tonight's dinner. simple and delicious.
What type of chedder is that,it really looks good. I could go for one right now but it's 10:45 PM. I don't think so....
aileen said…
This looks so yummy and tasty. :D
Rhandi said…
I make this same sandwich on occasion and I absolutely love it- this looks so good, I think I am going to make it for lunch today- I can't wait! Yes, your cheddar does look great!
Made this for my son today. He added dijon mustard and pronounced it perfect! THanks for sharing. :)