Good Ideas: Ham & Cheese Panini w/ Orange Mustard

ham panini5

What is a panini anyway, but a grilled pressed down sandwich.

You can use anything as a filling for a panini, and you don't need a panini press!

Lunch today was ham & cheese. Sounds a bit boring, but trust me, it was anything but.

I used Gruyere cheese, good Italian ham, and I made an orange mustard with 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard and 1 tbsp of orange marmalade (for 2 sandwiches).

Spread some orange mustard on one slice of Italian or French bread and top with ham, and 2 slices of Gruyere (or Swiss).

Add 1 tablespoon of butter or olive oil to a cast iron skillet or grill pan.

Place your sandwiches in the pan, and press down with a heavy pot lid!

No panini press needed!

Flip with a spatula and press down hard on the other side until the cheese is oozing and bread is nice and crisp.

All you need is a little muscle and you have the most delicious lunch!


Bluebird NY said…
This sounds wonderful! I like the orange mustard idea...
The other night I stopped for dinner at a bistro and had Croque Monsieur. Similar recipe, and now I want another one!
Next time I just make a plain old ham sandwich I'm using that orange marmalade and dijon idea! Love it!!
The JR said…
I love the way it looks. I've never done a panini. I need to give it a try.
kat said…
This is a favorite in our house too, we actually think of it as a treat!
Foodiewife said…
I just made panninis, and usually make a mustard-mayo combo. Orange marmalade? Who knew? Other than fig jam, I think this is a brilliant combo. Coming soon!
Memória said…
Actually, the word "panini" is the plural form of "panino". So, a panino is a pressed sandwich, and panini are pressed sandwiches. I love the Italian language!

Anyway, your panino looks fantastic. I love your addition of Gruyere cheese and Italian ham. I've yet to make a panino; I must make one soon.
Kathy Walker said…
Oh yum. A Panini for lunch it tasty! The mustard sounds wonderful.
Melbourne Girl said…
Great idea Stacey. I need to use up a LOT OF HAM left over from a Christmas dinner last Saturday night, so will get some good bread and do it. By the way, your green beans with shalots and walnuts got lots of compliments on Saturday night...and there were none left when dinner was over. That's always a good sign in my book.
Thanks again
Culinary Cory said…
Totally yummy! I agree, you don't need a panini press to have a great sandwich. Love the mixture of orange and mustard to give it a unique twist.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - Just got back from the theater and dinner at Salumeria Rosi (Amsterdam and 73rd) and had a platter of varied salumi with guess what - a citrus-y mustard. If you haven't been, the array of meats and cheeses is great and so are the "little plates" including a great risotto and terrific polenta- you and Henry would love it - like an Italian tapas bar.
A ham and cheese panini is one of our favorites (love the machine but know you can do without it also), but I really like your citrus idea with the orange marmalade with the mustard. I'll give it a try. We usually use roasted red peppers, a little mayonnaise and some Dijon.
Happy holidays,
Wendy said…
This is one of my go to sandwiches for lunch. I never would have thought to combine orange marmalade and dijon mustard. I love both and have them in my fride at all times. I can not wait to try this!