Going Greek

greek salad

A traditional Greek salad is one that is rustic. It is made with chopped cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, green peppers and feta cheese, good olives and a wonderful oregano vinaigrette.

I made a more formal version and served it on mixed greens.
Tomatoes are out of season, so I used cherry tomatoes, which worked out just great.

Also, for extra goodness, I added dolmas, which are grape leaves, rolled and stuffed with cooked rice.

This was a good detox dinner after all the holiday goodies I have been eating.

Going Greek Salad:

ripe tomatoes, quartered
green peppers, sliced thin
red onion slices
kalamata olives
feta cheese, crumbled
dolmas (optional)

Vinaigrette: (I never measure, make enough for the amount of salad you are serving)

red wine vinegar
fresh lemon juice
tsp of minced garlic
Tbsp dried oregano
salt & pepper
olive oil

Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl.

Place all of your salad components in a bowl and mix with vinaigrette.
Place on top of mixed greens and serve!


kat said…
That does look really light & refreshing after the heavy holiday food.
Michele said…
I love greek salads. I never had dolmas but they sound great!
Foodiewife said…
Bingo! What more can I say? Greek Salads are the best! Sometimes, some cold chicken added makes it a complete and healthy meal. I'm on it (since I filched too many white chocolate dipped pineapple at a party.) Oy.
Bob said…
Love it! I'm going to miss the place down the street from my old apartment that made a killer Greek salad.
Dana said…
Did you make the dolmas? That is a labor of love but oh so good. I love Greek salad and think I would really like it on a bed of greens too.
I'm a big fan of greek salads too. There's a place out here that makes the best greek salads, big hunks of imported feta, olives and the most delicious dressing. I order it everytime. I never had dolmas with it, nice idea!
Jen_from_NJ said…
I am addicted to feta and I love kalamata olives! I've never thought to add dolmas to a salad but it sounds great. I like The Greek Store in Kenilworth. I'll have to pay them a visit soon and make this salad!
I love Greek salad and make it like yours but next time I am going to add the dolmas too.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I should have eaten something like this tonight instead of the huge meal I just finished.
Alexa said…
Your Greek salad is lovely! The dolmas are a great touch--genius actually :-)
Lori Lynn said…
Dolmas are a terrific addition!