Stuffed Pork Loin w/ Figs, Prosciutto & Sage

pork figs9

OK people, this is seriously good.

Pork tenderloin has to be the easiest and cheapest weeknight dinner (besides spaghetti!) and you can do so much to it.

Cut a 1.5 lb. pork tenderloin (any size will do) and make the following stuffing in a food processor:

4 tbsp of butter
6 fresh sage leaves
4 slices of prosciutto
6 dried figs

Pulse this mixture a few times until it is combined to a thick paste.

Cut a slit thru the middle of your pork, but don't go thru to the bottom and with your hands, stuff this fig butter stuff into the center of the meat.

Tie together with kitchen twine to secure.

Rub the tenderloin with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper.

I cooked it at 450F for 15 minutes, then turned the oven down to 350 and cooked it another 30 minutes. You want pork to be 160 degrees when done.

Let rest a few minutes so the juices distribute evenly before slicing.
Remove the string.

To make a simple pan sauce, use the drippings in the pan and whisk in a tablespoon of honey mustard. There won't be a lot of sauce, but enough to drizzle over the pork slices.

This definitely had the WOW factor. I have always loved pork stuffed with prunes and dried fruits, but the sage and prosciutto really made it special.

This was special enough for a holiday dinner, served with some brussels sprouts and potato gratin!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh yum. I love the addition of the sage and prosciutto to the fruits in that stuffing. I'm going to steal that idea. The meat looks fork-tender too.
kat said…
Oh what a wonderful stuffing for pork. I am with you on tenderloin being such a great meat for quick, great dinners. I just realized I've eaten through all the ones we had in the freezer & need to stock up
The JR said…
I was craving figs yesterday. Great meal and easy too.
Michele said…
It looks beautiful! Believe it or not, I've never had dried figs only fresh ones. I'm sure they are fantastic!
looks delicious! love the combo... and you're right, pork tenderloin is great.
I'm stealing it too!
I just made something with your beloved figs I think you'll enjoy.
Jen_from_NJ said…
Stacey, this looks delicious. I have everything in the house except for the figs. Pork tenderloin is so quick and delicious - love it!
Pam said…
Oh Stacey - the pork looks amazing.

I think it's so funny that we are always making the same foods. Great minds think alike!
The Food Hunter said…
I love the filling for this pork loin. Thanks
Foodiewife said…
This has "Stacey" written all over it... figs, prosciutto and sage. Yep, these are your signature ingredients and they are all fantastic! Great recipe, and I'll add this to my repertoire. I love pork tenderloin, as you probably noticed by now.
Tanya said…
Love pork tenderloin too and now have to try this stuffing (most of the time, I do it sans stuffing).
We've been traveling for several weeks and without internet service. Looks like I've been missing some good food. Love the sage and proscuitto stuffed pork. This we're going to try.
Diane said…
Can I use this recipe for a 6 lb. pork loin? Should I double or triple amount of ingrediants. I was thinking of preparing this for Christmas dinner.
Unknown said…
Prepared this tonight for a dinner party.
HUGE hit! It was delicious!
Thanks for the recipe.