Stuffed Hens & a Cheese Platter

cheese platter2

Since I am in holiday mode, and sticking with the stuffed bird theme, I made Cornish hens (remember those?) and stuffed them with a rice stuffing.

I cooked basmati rice, then mixed in a skillet w/ melted butter, pistachios and golden raisins, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
I stuffed this rice mixture into the cavities of the birds and baked at 375F for one hour.

It was a bit of a pain getting the rice out of the hens, but it was delicious with all the pan juices mixed in!

I made a cheese platter consisting of St. Agur blue cheese from France; Comte (the King of Gruyeres!); Jarlsberg from Norway; and a nice farmhouse cheddar from England called "Old Winchester", all from my local cheese shop.

I swiped some bread with the blue and placed a date on top.
I couldn't help myself.


I think every day is Thanksgiving at your house, right? I'm cooking Cornish hens instead of turkey on Thursday. I always forget about those delicious little birds. You are a jump ahead of me! Have a wonderful holiday. Rosemary
If I lived at your house I would weigh 500 Lb's. So much yummy and great looking food.

I bet it was a pain stuffing those little birds.

I'm sure I would have cheated and split them down the back bone and set them on a big pile of the rice to cook.
Anonymous said…
I love cheese and your platter looks beautiful! Great combination of cheeses!
doggybloggy said…
cool - I just picked up a St. Agur today along with a double cream brie and a a gorgonzola picante - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
bed frame said…
Cheese! All I see is cheese! I am starting to get envious of the cheeses i am seeing! So drooling!
kat said…
You are a girl after my own heart with this dish!
Culinary Cory said…
The cheese platter looks so simple and elegant at the same time. Classic and fresh.
Carolyn said…
Long time reader, first time commenter. What has forced me to delurk?! That tablecloth. Love it!!

Thanks for such a great blog and recipes (especially your rosemay and vanilla ricotta cake, you pushed me towards incorporating herbs into my desserts with that one)!!