I can't believe I am even posting this, but Saturday posts are a free for all.

This is culinary crap at its finest.

Late at night, my svelte husband (who can eat cake, ice cream and SNACKS after 9 pm and not gain an ounce), always asks for a "snack".
Hence, the name "Stacey Snacks".

Sometimes I cut him a slice of cake, or make him a cookie plate.
The man is spoiled.
Can't he read the sign "The Kitchen is Closed"?

Sometimes, I just don't have the energy to create yet another meal after the kitchen has been cleaned up or bake another cake, so he gets a plate of nachos. It is the fastest and I have to say, one of the easiest, tastiest snacks I make.

Please don't judge.

I rarely use my microwave, except to melt butter or make nachos.

Take a plate and place tortilla chips (preferably Tostitos Lime flavored) overlapping to create a tortilla tower.
Throw some shredded Mexican blend cheddar cheese over each layer of chips and nuke for exactly one minute on high.

Spoon some jarred salsa on top and eat. Sometimes I add black bean or corn salsa, sometimes leftover chili on top.

This is junk food at its finest.

I hope I won't be kicked out of the Food Bloggers Society for posting my late night secrets........


Ciao Chow Linda said…
We still love you Stacey - although I think I hate Henry for being able to eat like that and stay so trim. We all have some culinary confessions to make I'm sure.
Hooray for junk food. At least you used real cheese instead of Velveeta so consider your nachos gourmet fare. Henry is soooo lucky! Happy Halloween. ♥Rosemary
We all have our dirty little secrets! Was it on a paper plate too?
kat said…
Lol, when I was much younger I was known for serving this little treat late at night after a full evening of clubbing.
Foodiewife said…
Culinary crap? I think not, but you made me laugh. This is, indeed, junk food at it's finest. Our men are spoiled, indeed. They're worth it, though.
rcoda said…
Henry is a lucky man! Every time I make nachos (similar technique) I get yelled at by my wife for "making the microwave smell like nachos" ;^)
shhhhh - I think we all do this now and again....
Melbourne Girl said…
Perfectly acceptable if you ask me. I always use the microwave for quickie things....that's what it's there for.

hmmmm nachos...good idea.

Julie said…
Looks like super snack to me! I'm all about things that are easy anyway :)
Dani H said…
I totally support your right to junk food! I doubt that there are too many Food Blogger Society members who don't have a little snack secret of their own.
Jen_from_NJ said…
Perfect snack - the Tostitos lime chips are tasty! Your husband is a lucky guy!
Nancy said…
I wish I could eat this wonderful snack before bed!
This used to be my late afternoon snack when I had a job I went into. Nothing wrong with using the microwave, I use mine all the time.
The Food Hunter said…
Our husbands must be related...Mine wants a snack every darn night too. And like yours doesn't gain a pound. I on the other hand just serve him the snack and gain 5 lbs. :-)
The JR said…
My husband snacks before and after supper. Nachos is one of his favoties.

After the big 40, he went from 160 to 195. Everytime I rub his belly and tell him I want my skinny man back, he says "he's in there, I ate him".