Random Bites

I made Pioneer Woman's Smashed (cheating) Potatoes....so simple, just add some butter and chives and I was done. A side dish in minutes (and a good one too!).

I roasted a tray of veggies so I could have afternoon snacks all week (I know I am weird).
425F, drizzle vegetables with olive oil and kosher salt. Roast about 30 minutes till veggies look golden.
These are great on sandwiches during the week.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dana, from Dana Treat for lunch in NYC.
Dana was visiting the Big Apple from Seattle with her husband.

We had an excellent lunch in the meat packing district at The Standard Grill underneath the high line.
We both had the delicious cauliflower soup w/ trout roe and a poached egg on top and the chopped salad filled with vegetable goodness.

Check out Dana's great vegetarian food blog!


noble pig said…
I love those roasted veggies.
StaceyEsq said…
Thanks to you, I roast veggies ALL the time now to either throw into a crustless quiche or sandwich or to just enjoy. The other day I roasted asparagus, portabello shrooms and artichoke hearts. Delicious. Enjoy your weekend! It's freezing and rainy here. I think you might have even gotten a snowflake or two the other day, right?
LaDue & Crew said…
Yum! I wish I lived closer to you!
The Food Hunter said…
I roast veggies all the time for snacks or light lunches.