Summer Pleasures: BLT Salad

blt salad6

How good are bread cubes cooked in bacon fat?
I'll tell you.

They're pretty damn good.

Here is a great salad that I made the other night using delicious Jersey yellow and red tomatoes.

I used Romaine & Treviso mixed lettuces.

I sliced up Jersey Tomatoes, red and yellow.

I fried up chunks of hickory smoked bacon and set aside.

I used stale bread chunks and fried them in the bacon fat, then toasted them at the last minute to get a nice crunchy crust.

I made a dressing of some homemade basil pesto, mayo, white wine vinegar and olive oil.

Mix all of these yummy ingredients together and pour dressing over right before serving!

It was like eating a BLT sandwich!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Everything tastes better with butter - and bacon. That is going high on my list of things to eat when I get back from vacation.
Now, a little bacon would really add a jolt to my lunch salad!
SarahB said…
mmmm!!! That sounds great! Love the skillet corn too by the way!
Patsyk said…
I've been eating tons of salad lately, and this one will have to make it on my menu soon! YUM!
Foodiewife said…
This is one of your best, Stacey. Seriously, anytime I cook bacon, my boys are drawn into the kitchen. This is beautiful, but I might have to make mine a bacado salad, by adding my beloved avocado. I am so making it.
Bob said…
I heard "cooked in bacon fat" and came running over! Looks great, and since it's a salad that means it;s healthy, right? :)
I have been known to make a BLT this way. I always feel more virtuous when it's a salad.

How good is bread cooked in bacon fat? The answer lies within the knowledge that just about EVERYTHING tastes better cooked in bacon fat.

BTW, corn cake looked wonderful. I'm loving this corn season.
Teanna said…
Bacon fat makes everything better! That dish looks SO good!
Julia said…
I love the BLT deconstructed! It's nice to see you recycling the bacon fat... it would be a shame to throw it away.
The JR said…
That is one great looking salad. I might have to stop at the meat market and get some bacon.
Bread cooked in bacon fat! You naughty girl!
Nic said…
Nice looking salad, I could eat this anytime!
RecipeGirl said…
LOL, I think anything fried in bacon fat might just be great, don't you think? This sounds perfect :)
Angela said…
Ooh, ooh -- bread, tomato, and bacon is already a perfect combo. Add the white wine vinegar and pesto dressing. POW. A perfect combo!
I did a BLT salad with a mayo vinaigrette a couple months ago, but I love the idea of frying up the bread! That'll definitely be in order next time I make it.