Skillet Corn & Friends

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It isn't easy making new friends when you are in your 40's, set in your ways and no longer in school.

Everyone is so busy with kids, jobs, family obligations and just life. When do you find the time to make a true "friend"?

Food is a wonderful way to connect with people and make new friends as well as reconnect with old friends, it brings people together who have similar passions and interests.
I have met some terrific new friends from writing this blog, readers and fellow bloggers alike.

I look forward to the daily comments left on the blog, and though I may never meet these people in person, I consider them to be friends.

Jersey corn has been especially good this summer and this is a GREAT recipe to make for friends.

I could eat this for dessert, breakfast or a side dish at a summer BBQ.

It was prepared for me by my new friend, Stephanie.

Stephanie is a reader of my blog and we instantly became friends via email.
We finally met in person a few months back, and the rest is history.

She is a great cook and lives in New Jersey, has 2 cute girls and a really nice husband whom my husband really likes! and, I have finally met someone who is louder than me!

Stephanie's Skillet Corn (from the NY Times Magazine & adapted from Lee Bailey)

Preheat oven to 425F. When oven is hot, pour 2 tbsp of a mild-tasting vegetable oil into a 9" cast iron frying pan, and swish it around so that the sides and bottom are well coated. Put the skillet in the oven for 30 minutes.

With a sharp knife, cut the kernels from 6-8 ears of corn, catching the kernels and the juices in a bowl. Add one tsp salt, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, and 1/4 cup of flour, and mix it up.

CAREFULLY remove the hot skillet from the oven.

Pour the contents of the bowl into the scalding hot skillet, flatten it out with a spatula, and cook until it is browning around the edges, and a little bit browned on top, about 40 minutes.

Remove the pan from the oven, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Loosen the edges of the contents with a knife, and invert the pan onto a plate.

It's like a corn cake. It is so good.


Jersey corn - you're killing me stuck down here in the mountains. Jersey corn and Jersey tomatoes are some the best in the world, but I know you and my Jersey husband would question why I would include the "some" word. I grew up in Arkansas and (in my opinion) our tomatoes are tops. Always enjoy recipes adapted from the Times and Lee Bailey. Yum.
Vidya said…
This kind of bears a vague resemblance to my mother's spinach and corn cake - the recipe for it came from a family friend as well! It has spinach, creamed corn, flour, oil or butter depending on your mood and the occasion, and a bunch of spices...I think cumin is one. I always drown mine in ketchup. It's damn good stuff.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Hi friend - still able to connect on internet and see your tempting posts. skillet corn - that's a new one on me, but one I can'[t wait to try when I get back to NJ.
Bob said…
That looks wicked good. I can't wait for fall corn up here!
THAT corn looks so sweet!
Lori Lynn said…
Looks delicious.
Great post, my friend!
Patsyk said…
What a fabulous way to enjoy Jersey Corn! I agree, food does bring people together and I often find it's the perfect way to get re-aquainted with friends we haven't seen in awhile too.
The JR said…
I'm so glad you found a great friend via blogging. It really is hard to make friends when you only go to work, go home, work more and run like crazy the rest of the time.

That corn looks like something I could eat morning, noon and night too! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

LaDue & Crew said…
I could totally eat this non stop! Yup, harder as we get older... I am SO glad I got to know you!!
Thanks for the yummy idea! My husband has requested I make this with a 1/2 cup diced onion and 6 pieces crumbled bacon. Gotta admit, that does sound good!
Michele said…
That looks delish!
Colloquial Cook said…
Look at you, skillet cooking like a true pioneer lady! Can't wait to see you super soon.
Dana said…
Like Jersey tomatoes, I have heard that Jersey corn is the best. Wish I could have some prepared just like that!
Nancy said…
Making friends gets even harder once the children are gone. Thank goodness for the blog world. This recipe sounds wonderful. I'll look for corn this week at the farmer's market. You leave the pan in the oven for 30 minutes before you put the mixture in to cook? It doesn't smoke?
Culinary Cory said…
I completely agree. I have so many cool people from writing a blog. You being one of them. The next time I'm in NYC, we are totally meeting up for dinner!
Giff said…
Tis true. This is why I hate sleep. Not enough time in the day as it is!
Does Stephanie have a blog? So nice you have a friend who loves to cook like you. This looks delish and easy to make, right up my alley!
Foodiewife said…
Stacey, no way are you in your forties! I had you pegged young enough to be my granddaughter! Yes, meeting friends via blogs is such a blessing. How I'd love to live closer to you, and so many others.
Love that cast iron skillet. My hubs scrubbed my beautiful finish so I must reseason again. Argh. I would definitely enjoy this dish. While we're not in Jersey, the Salinas Valley of California grows beautiful stuff, too...and I wish you could come here to personally taste it.
Hungry Dog said…
This looks so good--I think I could eat the whole pan.
I can't believe the corn comes out as it did. I just would not have expected it. It looks delicious. How do you like your cast iron pan?

I just got two new ones and I am loving them.