Paris Window Shopping

I am really only here to eat and drink, but the gorgeous window displays can be tempting.

This is a city of the most beautiful and fashionable people.
They look elegant just walking to the grocery store and riding their bicycles with high heels and a baguette in their basket.

How do they do that?

Even the children look beautiful! They are dressed in the most beautiful outfits that I have ever seen.

No, I don't wear a fanny pack or sneakers that scream "I am a tourist!", but my husband being 6 ft. 5" with muscles and me being 5 ft 8" with big boobs, look like BIG, healthy Americans walking down the street.
You can see us comin'.

We can't hide.
They even hand us menus in English.

Oh well, I may as well embrace it.
I was never small boned like the French.

The windows are filled with the most beautiful handbags, apparel and shoes.
Especially the children's' shops. These kids wear the best ensembles you have ever seen!

In France, I am a size LARGE, Grande, and nothing fits me, though I am only an American size 6.

I have given up and will spend my money on food instead.

We enjoyed looking in the kitchen supply stores.....I have never seen so many white dishes, casseroles, tart pans and madeleine molds. Every shape and size you can imagine!

I wish I had an extra suitcase to bring some of this stuff home!


Penny said…
I'm enjoying your trip. Would love to see pictures of your apartment.
Anonymous said…
Did you eat a horse meat sandwich with your falafel. It is very Parisian. Everyone is doing it.
VeggieGirl said…
Loooove the shops!! :)
I have a feeling you'll be shipping back tons of stuff! I would. The little girl on the scooter is gorgeous, what no helmet or knee pads?
Karen said…
Oh, I'd go crazy in that kitchen supply store!
Dana said…
I think the French can just smell out Americans. I love all those well-dressed children. We were in France when I was pregnant with my older son and we shopped like crazy for him. We have so many adorable clothes sized 0-12 months that we bought there. Totally unlike any of the junk we have here. Let me know if you see any great places to buy copper pots! I have so enjoyed these posts.
Steve said…
Stacey, Please tell me you've been to E. Dehillerin at 20 rue Coquilliere. If not, you must go NOW! It is the most amazing kitchen supply shop on the planet...some unusual and fabulous things.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
What's the story behind those shoes on the doorstep I want to know.
LaDue & Crew said…
OMG Stacey, if I can ever make it to Paris, it has GOT to be with you!! I am just crazy over these pics!!
Arunah said…
It is true that anyone bigger than size 42 ( not that big really ) will have less choice for clothes.
Google "Marina Rinaldi" for clothes starting from size 42 upwards. There are fifteen boutiques in Paris including two in the 6th arrondissement. The style, though not outrageously hyper fashionable is very wearable for elegant working women. Do not despair ! There is a solution for every problem...
Arunah said…
Have you been to Hédiard and Fauchon, place de la Madeleine, temples of expensive food with astonishing displays of food ?
And la Grande Epicerie de Paris at the Bon Marché ( not cheap ! ) for a very good selection of fancy food...
Kim said…
I'm really enjoying all your posts and pictures about Paris. I too would love to see pics of your apartment.
Vidya said…
Wow we're around the same height (I'm just a tad taller) and around the same size and seeing as I am brown and speak English with a loud Australian accent, everyone can tell I'm um, different too. Don't worry Stace, you're not the only ones.
Good gawd, it your a grande ... then I'm probably an xtra, xtra grande!

Love hearing about your trip.

kat said…
Well I certainly wouldn't be doing any shopping in Paris cuz I'm sure nothing is in my size either but window shopping would be amazing.
Wow, I'm so glad you tried on clothes there. I did too (I brought a few things back) and grande was my size. But I must say they were very helpful in the stores. Can you imagine Julia Child when she lived in Paris a six feet something?
chilipepper said…
Mon Dieu! You know you are not fat. When faced with such a dilemma, just eat!
Anonymous said…
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