Paris: The Marais & Falafel

A visit to the Marais is a must.

It used to be known as the Jewish quarter, but it is now a chic neighborhood of boutiques, fashionable restaurants with a large gay population in the 4th arrondisement.
The kosher butchers and bakeries are all over and the smell of pastrami and chopped liver call me in.

The pastries in this neighborhood do not consist of typical French croissants, baguettes and macarons, but instead the most unbelievable strudels, rugelach, nut rolls, challah and rye breads.

We had some of the best pastries in Paris on our trip to the Marais.
The apple and poppy seed strudel being my absolute favorite.
It brought tears to my eyes after I took a bite, and I am not kidding, that's how delicious it was.

Ok, so I finally had falafel. I have been waiting a whole year to find this place.
L'as du Falafel.

We were told that you have to wait in line for an hour on a Sunday to sample this world famous sandwich.
Well, we went on a Wed at 6 pm, so we didn't have to wait more than a few minutes.

I ordered the "special vegetarian" for 5 euros.
It was top ten things I have eaten in my life. I loved it.

6 wonderful falafel stuffed into a fresh warm pita bread w/ cooked eggplant, and fresh vegetables with a light sauce on top.
One was enough to share, and make sure you get lots of napkins.


even the cobblestones are making me long to be there!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
oooh I love the Marais neighborhood - Wish I were there with you eating that terrific falafel - top 5 things! wow, that says something coming from you.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I meant top 10 things, sorry.
kat said…
That must be some falafel for people to wait an hour for it.
Wow, Top ten? That must be pretty darn good, I love the eggplant addition in there. I have to admit though, that strudel combination got me, poppy seed and apple.Yum!
Will you be recreating all this when you get home? I hope so.
The JR said…
Gosh Stacey, I'm getting tears in my eyes because I don't have any!!!

Karen said…
Sounds like you're having a great time eating your way through Paris! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
Anonymous said…
All the food looks wonderful! And the pictures are AMAZING. Thanks for sharing your trip with us :)
Yikes! You went to Paris! My sister and I are quietly planning quietly a trip there next January. Probably not my first choice of months to be in Paris, but honestly, I'll take anything I can get.
LaDue & Crew said…
I think I am gaining weight just by reading~ yum!
Dana said…
I studied in Paris for a semester my junior year in college. I ate a Marais felafel once a week at least. It is still one of my favorite things I have ever eaten. For a poor vegetarian student in Paris, it was heaven. So glad you got a chance to enjoy one!
Kim said…
That falafel sandwich looks delectable! I love the look of the cobblestone streets and all the facades. I'm going to be dreaming up ways to go to Paris now!
Jen_from_NJ said…
Parisian falafel - I must have one! How was the eggplant in the falafel prepared? The combination sounds so good. I'm glad that you had a nice trip!
Linda said…
Ok if you loved me you would risk customs and bring me back some of that poppy seed strudel thingy.
It brings tears to my eyes just looking at it. PLEASE!! if you get locked up in the customs brig I will even bail youout!!
Love you both
Bluebird NY said…
Falafel was one of my favorite meals as a transplant to NYC on a tight budget. I think the same Halal truck is still doing business in midtown! Your Paris Falafel looks wonderful!
Angela said…
OMG, I LOVE the Marais!! The bakeries and the restaurants are amazing. I have so many similar photos and memories. I'm going to Paris in the next couple of weeks and MUST try this falafel place. Thanks for the great post!
Lori Lynn said…
Oy. Oy. Oy.
You are breaking my heart. I believe you. Top 10. In your life. I am tasting vicariously. Thank you. Merci!
It is 11pm and I am trying to watch my nite time snacking but now you have me so hungry! I guess I will hav eto settle on some leftover roasted eggplant in the fridge.
A said…
the eggplant on top is the most delicious thing ever! Chez Marianne's around the corner is pretty too!
Colloquial Cook said…
I can't believe I never had that falafel sandwich!!! I've have the strudel and the hallah and all the sweet things, but never the falafel!! Where have I been!!
dm said…
I love fallafel ever since I met it in Tel Aviv many years ago.

Tonight starts the Jewish New Year so many cakes and breads not seen during the year will be available. I have challah in the oven right now.

Love your travel blog.
Kate said…
Falafel envy here!
I absolutely covet the taste of falafel from Paris.
So toasty, tasty and creamy with the perfect spiciness. I have made falafel here, but have never found the tender wrap to make it with.
And yogurt presented in a blue crock!! The Parisians know how to bring an elegant touch to everything they experience... just look and those pastries and the store fronts. That is one of the best benefits of going to Paris... it's like the Victorian age when there was appreciation for all things beautiful!
K said…
omg. that struedel. OMGGGG. looks amazing. the falafel too. its almost lunch time. i'm hungry. this is torture. xoxo
chilipepper said…
Stacey, your elegant foodie footsteps through Paris are making me want to pack my suitcase and head to the airport this very minute!
I am loving everything about your trip and the pictures are sublime! The pictures of the falafel and that magnificent strudel have me in a swooooon!!!!
Keep on amazing us!
Anonymous said…
I must go to Paris to get a a falafel. Evan though they are better in NYC.
Anonymous said…
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