Paris: Bonjour


Just a quick hello.

Though it's morning back home, it's 6 hours ahead here.
The weather has been cool and cloudy, perfect temperatures for walking around the city.

Some photos from yesterday.

We had dinner with the lovely Claire from Colloquial Cookin' blog.
We met Claire in NYC last year at a blogger dinner and have remained friends since she went back to her home in France.

We had a wonderful traditional French meal of duck confit and potatoes dauphinois (with lots of heavy cream and garlic, which I will walk off tomorrow).
The star of the show was the first course, a simple appetizer of salade du jambon (ham) with lentilles du puy. OH MY!

The Eiffel Tower sparkles gold for 10 minutes on every hour each night until midnight, and we can see it from our balcony. It really is spectacular.

It really is time to upgrade my camera.


LizNoVeggieGirl said…
Welcome back!! Such lovely photos - I truly miss Paris (haven't been there since 2003).
kat said…
Oh I want to be eating duck confit in Paris
Kim said…
I would love to burn my calories off walking around Paris : D
The JR said…
Bet the view was spectacular. Really neat that you've met and made a great blogging friend.

Bob said…
Sounds like you're having a good time. :)
Your pictures are killing me. It looks divine and the food sounds heavenly!
LaDue & Crew said…
My vacation there is vicariously through you... get out and see lots! It's my stress reduction, peering into your lives in Paris!
Anonymous said…
Ohh.. nice to see all of you in Paris! I wish i was there. Stacey you blend right in with your surroundings, i could mistake you for a French woman. And Claire looks almost .. [gulp] .. Parisian!

Thanks for the little glimpse and for making us all very envious. Keep on sharing!
I could look at that view all day! I'd be all over those lentils too..
Don't stop the pictures, more please!
Anonymous said…
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