Tuna for One

tuna ratatouille

My husband went to a baseball game during the week, and I found myself alone on a Tuesday night.

Cooking for one is strange to me, since it seems that I always cook enough food for 6 people, (and there are only 2 of us living in this house).

The world was my oyster.......should I go to Home Goods and look for more white plates? or watch a girly movie from Netflix?

Neither. I will cook in my quiet kitchen. No music, no t.v., just the way I like it. Silence in the kitchen, please.

I could make something with mushrooms, since the other eater hates them so, but instead I decided on a nice piece of tuna, seared rare, the way I like it.

tuna ratatouille collage

I cooked up a big batch of my ratatouille, and served the fishy over the veggies.

This was so satisfying, and no complaining from the carnivore!

Tomorrow, it's back to the salt mines........


Nice! I have a whole batch of ratatouille ready, so I could do this. I'm a master at cooking for one!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
What a wise choice you made for your home-alone dinner. smart girl.
Penny said…
Beautiful pictures. It is nice to have an occasional "home alone". I always fix myself a juicy hamburger with a toasted bun - my hubby has given up hamburgers.
kat said…
Don't you just love making yourself something special for dinner when its just you.
Dana said…
Good for you for indulging in something you love. I always just make myself a baked potato with cottage cheese and salsa when I am alone. I'm not proud.
well done stacey - well done - thanks so much for giving me your seat to the foodbuzz dinner - I know I like david burkes food and I can guess that you do too!
LaDue & Crew said…
What a way to make yourself feel special!

I'm like you- silence in the kitchen! And as much as I love to show people how to cook, sometimes I just love being alone in the kitchen, left to my own thoughts ;-)
Bob said…
I've never had a tuna steak. I really should try it since I do like canned tuna... Someday. When I'm feeling brave. And when my girlfriend isn't home, since she wouldn't touch it. ;)
StaceyEsq said…
Believe it or not, my 7 year old son would LOVE this for dinner!! How great is that?! I'm afraid to show him these beautiful pictures because he'll beg me incessantly to make it for him!
Pam said…
Sometimes it's so nice to have quiet alone time. Your meal looks wonderful.
Very nice tuna - just the way I like it too - rare. It's nice to have time along sometimes, although I always dread it. My husband and I are joined at the hip.
You should have called me I would've have come over! I wish.
I do the same thing at HomeGoods, but I love a little Bocceli in the background when I cook.
Linda said…
Ah you're something!! On the rare night that I'm not cooking for the tribe, if left alone to fend for myself, cooking would not be what I would do. BAKING, now maybe I would do that!!! and quiet in the kitchen, PERFECT!!
Looks yummy though!
Love ya
Dewi said…
How delicious. Love how you serve this with the ratatouille.