Chicken Bruschetta

bruschetta chicken2

What do you do with all the leftover bruschetta mixture from the weekend?

Make Chicken Bruschetta!
Remember, it's pronounced "broo-SKETTA", please. (bitch).

Instead of piling the tomato mixture on top of toasts, use it as a topping for chicken breasts.

Dip some chicken in F.E.B.
Flour, egg, breadcrumbs, and saute until done.

Top with the bruschetta mixture and you have a wonderful, light dinner.
I served it over arugula.

Here is my basic bruschetta topping (add to toasted bread swiped with garlic):

8 plum tomatoes, cut into small dice
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 cup red onion, minced
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil
kosher salt

If you are watching your calories, you can grill the chicken instead of breading it.

You can make this ahead and reheat at 350F for 15 minutes.
This will cook the tomatoes and vinegar and break down the acidity a bit.



Ciao Chow Linda said…
I think we've both got bruschetta on the mind today (and the pronunciation). The chicken and tomato topping looks great.
The JR said…
Good idea. I bet it kicked up the flavor to a whole new level.

I could eat 2 or 3 of them right now.

I have some leftover grilled chicken, great idea to perk it up! Stay cool, our heats coming this weekend. 90's all the way!
kat said…
Oh, what a great idea!
Michele said…
I do this too! I always make a ton of bruschetta and hate to let it go to waste but how much bread can (should) a girl eat? lol Lookin' good!
Meghan said…
This looks so delicious!!! Great idea! I recently ordered some bruschetta and pronounced it correctly (broo-SKETTA) and the waiter, as well as everyone at my table, gave me the strangest look, so I had to pronounce it wrong in order for him to know what I wanted!!!
StaceyEsq said…
Now this is my kind of quick weekday meal! Healthy and delicious! What would I do without you and your wonderful, innovative ideas?! I might have to resort to Hungry Man TV dinners (as if!!!). XOXOXO
Denise said…
This is the perfect summer meal. I love it.
Bob said…
Nice. I like bruschetta, but only if it's made with really good tomatoes. Fortunately my brother is growing some that should be ready fairly soon... :)
Karen said…
I've been waiting for our garden tomatoes, but it's been so cool here that they aren't ripening very fast. Argh! This sounds good over chicken.
Patsyk said…
I've done this many times, but not yet this summer! Thanks for reminding me of this great way to use bruschetta!
Pam said…
Why haven't I ever thought of this? It's a perfect dinner to me. Bookmarked!
Nancy said…
What a great idea for using the leftover tomato mixture. I'm going to make this tonight!
Memória said…
Oh, thank you so much for putting the correct pronunciation of this word on here! I'm so tired of hearing people saying wrong. The "ch" in Italian is always pronounced as "k", and the geminate or double consonmants "tt" are both pronounced.

I've yet to make bruschetta. I may have to try it soon.
LaDue & Crew said…
Good idea! Wish it was on my table right now ;-)
Kerstin said…
What a great idea - bruschetta is so yummy! I actually just asked my Italian friend about the pronunciation a a fine weeks ago, so I have it right now!
Karine said…
Great idea to combine bruschetta and chicken! Thanks for sharing!
Jamie said…
Fabulous idea for the bruschetta topping and it looks so delicious!
Michelle VB said…
It looks delicious. Thanks for the quick and easy idea.
Table Talk said…
Great way to use all of the tomatoes coming in from the garden...and arugula always has my vote.
Congrats on today's Top 9!
ldhitch said…
Keep correcting pronunciations.... (I would be the Queen bitch on that!) riCOtta (long O) biSCOtti (long O) These words have been around long enough to be pronounced correctly!
Now this is what I call a great idea.
Anonymous said…
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