Best: Cherry Tomatoes w/ Ricotta & Boquerones

best crostini6

This is my favorite summer crostini of all time.

Boquerones are marinated Spanish white anchovies. Totally different from the salty, brown hairy things from a can that are found on pizzas and can make people scared.

If you can find white anchovies, buy them. They are usually sold at Italian or Spanish markets vacuum packed and in olive oil.
They are worth their weight in gold.
They are sweet and mild, a special treat and filled with omega 3.

I marinated some local red & yellow sweet cherry tomatoes in a few tablespoons of red wine vinegar, a small chopped shallot and a minced garlic clove.
Add a little olive oil, kosher salt and pepper.
Let this tomato mixture sit on the counter until ready to use.

Toast some good bread slices and while still warm, swipe them with a garlic clove half to release the oil of the garlic on the bread.
You can make the toasts a few hours ahead.

Spread your ricotta cheese (the commercial stuff is fine) over the toasts, spoon the cherry tomato mixture on top and top with some shredded fresh basil.

Top each bruschetta with a white anchovy slice.

I served this at a recent dinner party and they disappeared quickly!
These are the BEST!


I'm not a fuzzy anchovy lover, but these I would try and probably like, but I'd be happy as a lark with just your tomato ricotta crostini!
Randi Lynne said…
I want this in my mouth now!
The Food Hunter said…
I've never had white anchovies but they sound like something I would like to try.
stop adding to my shopping list - I will now spend the better part of the morning looking for boquerones!
Bob said…
Hm, I've never heard of white anchovies before. I might just have to try them. Sweet, you say?
kat said…
Ok, I need to find those anchovies!
Dewi said…
Gosh Stacey, I'd like to come over to your place if I visit NY. And, I'll make sure that you will make this crostini. Drooling. I'm making it tonight!
Anonymous said…
I found white anchovies a few weeks ago. Was I surprised to find they were $45 a pound! yikes, I am glad I only asked for a few of them. Not sure they were worth that price!