The Ugly Cake

File this under cake mishaps.

I told you I was not a baker, but you didn't believe me.
This is what used to happen to me too often.

I guess my streak is over.

I decided to be creative with my plain vanilla cake recipe and add buttermilk, chocolate chips and walnuts.

I was going to make a nice sugar crust with the beautiful vanilla sugar that Janet from Ladue & Crew sent me, along with homemade bourbon vanilla, and lots of fig treats! Thank you Janet, and it's not even my birthday!

Well, as you can see, the cake stuck to the pan and fell apart.
I guess I did not grease the pan well enough, and the eager beaver that I am, removed it too early from the loaf pan instead of waiting for it to cool.

Another mishap: the chips and nuts were too heavy for this batter and all sunk to the bottom, helping the cake stick to the pan.
No, I didn't remember to coat them with flour.

I tried my best to put it back together with a spatula and plate it.

Though this was one ugly cake, it was DELICIOUS!!!!
The vanilla sugar crust was beautiful and the buttermilk made the cake nice and light.

Never judge a book by its cover!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
At least you have the courage to show your flops! Who cares if it's ugly - as long as it tastes good. You can always break it in clumps, put it in a dessert dish, layer it with whipped cream and call it a parfait.
Anonymous said…
looks good to me... too bad it didn't burn around the edges. That would have been really yummy.
I firmly believe there is no such thing as an ugly cake. How can this be so when sugar is involved? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Colloquial Cook said…
Happened to me once too, I **heavily** dusted it with confectioners' sugar and no one guessed. Why are those cakes the most delicious? Maybe they're compensating.
Vidya said…
Actually, when I saw the post, my initial reaction was ooohhh yummm...choc chips AND walnuts AND vanilla bean sugar...sounds way too good.
What's inside is more important than looks (LOL). I've done that plenty of times.
lisa is cooking said…
Well, the cut piece looks delicious! I've always wondered if flouring chips and nuts really works if the batter is light. If you try it again, let us know.
The JR said…
You know my favorite saying "it will look worse after you eat it anyway".

Nice present from Janet from Ladue & Crew.

Close your eyes and eat it and you won't be able to tell any difference!

kat said…
It does sound totally delicious even if it isn't the belle of the cake ball
Randi Lynne said…
The cake looks really yummy, actually.

I just started a few batches of vanilla extract and made vanilla sugar. I plan on giving the extract out as Christmas gifts.
Foodiewife said…
Recipes gone awry is how we become better at what we do. Still, all the ingredients look like a delicious tasting batter. Buttermilk is one of my favorite ingredients to use in cakes. Your picture hasn't deterred me from trying this at all. Psssssst... I had a bundt disaster a few month ago. I still swear by my Wilton Cake release product. No more "stuck" baking. Don't give up! You're still a fabulous baker, in my book!
Michele said…
You and I must be related somehow! Maybe through that Brigante relative. LOL....I'm a terrible baker and this happens to me all too often. Luckily my family is supportive and they'll eat it anyway! Like you said, never judge a book by it's cover. As long as it tastes good who cares what it looks like! lol :-)
StaceyEsq said…
Doesn't look like there's a thing wrong with is as far as I'm concerned!! I'd be gobbling it up too fast to admire it.
Pam said…
Sometimes the best things aren't always pretty.
The Food Hunter said…
Looks good to me! Probably because I find myself with cakes looking like this all the time.
Zoe said…
I have the same problem with baking..I never think ahead and end up messing it up somehow. I bet it still was delicious though!
Bob said…
It happens to all of us, kiddo. Just call it rustic. ;)

As long as it tasted good it's a win! It looks fantastic, even all crumbly.
Memória said…
You can't say that you can't bake because you knew what you did wrong already. With a bit more patience and preparation, you will produce a beautiful cake. I just know it.
Linda said…
That cake looks perfect to me!!! Looks aren't everything, isnt that what we've always been told!!!
Best cake ever: one that your MIL made years ago that fell in the middle, what a mess. But it didn't stop the five pairs of hungry hands that ripped it to shreds. Delicious!!! Some things just shouldnt be "plated" !! but eaten 'au natural"
LaDue & Crew said…
Aww Stace, it still looks crazy good! I would eat anything you cooked or baked, no matter what it looked liked, because I know it would be amazing! So glad you loved the Vanilla Bean sugar & the Bourbon Vanilla, and other goodies... You always make me wish I was at your table!
Karen said…
Although I do, on occasion, I really don't like to bake... it gives me the jeebie heebies having to measure all that stuff! Having said that, I just made some huckleberry muffins!
Anonymous said…
My "mistake" cakes are always the best. Once, I made a cake and left out the sugar - that is pure ugh - but it wasn't.

I brought it to my class to get rid of it and told them the story. They loved it and later in the year, asked me to bake it again. Go figure.

You may not think your cake is beautiful but it is making my mouth water.