Classic Potato Salad


This is my personal best and most favorite way to make potato salad.

We all have our own recipe for potato salad, but lately people have been getting too fancy with their picnic fare. Champagne vinegar with mint and chanterelles and a bit of foie gras on thank you.

Try not to use non fat mayonnaise (please), or any non fat products if you can help it. They are just not REAL foods. (except for nonfat milk products, such as yogurts, which do not need chemicals to make them taste good).

A tablespoon of mayo once a year, won't kill you.

There, I have spoken.

I make this once a year, on July 4th only.
Why? Because I love it so much, I could eat the entire bowl.
I hide it in the garage refrigerator, so as to forget it's there.

This is a recipe from my childhood. Plain and simple, old school.
Nothing fancy.

The only difference in my potato salad and Elayne's (that would be my mother), is the variety of potatoes used.

30 years ago, people stood and peeled tons of baking potatoes for potato salad.
I use the small red skinned potatoes with the skins left on. Makes life much easier.

Classic Potato Salad: THE BEST!

1 lb. of small red potatoes, with skins on
3 stalks of celery, sliced thin (I sometimes use carrots too)
1/2 white onion, chopped
3 hard boiled eggs, mashed with a potato masher (in a separate bowl)
handful of fresh parsley, chopped

optional ingredients: 1 red or green pepper, chopped
handful of sliced green onions
fresh dill is another nice choice

3/4 cup of Hellman's REAL mayo (I should get paid by them for the amount of times I give them a plug!)
1-2 tbsp of Gulden's spicy brown mustard
1/4 cup of pickle relish
salt and pepper

I never measure, so add as much or as little or as much mayo, celery or egg as you like, but use this recipe as a guideline.

Boil your little potatoes in salted boiling water for about 22 minutes.

So I don't have to wash another pot, I time the potatoes so I can throw my eggs in the same pot with them and boil them for the last 13 minutes of cooking time!

So smart, aren't I?

If you have iron hands, such as I, you can quarter your potatoes while piping hot.
If you don't have iron hands that can touch scalding food, then wait until the potatoes are cool enough to handle.

Throw them in a big bowl with your chopped celery, onion and parsley.

Now mix the dressing right in the bowl, on top of the potato mixture.

Add salt and pepper to taste and mix gently.

You can make this 2 days ahead and it still tastes fantastic!
This is my favorite all American classic. I hope you try it!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'm used to reading your posts first thing in the morning and was disappointed not to see one on Saturday, but I guess everybody deserves a holiday break! Your potato salad makes me hungry. Do you still have some in the back of your fridge? I usually make the oil and vinegar kind, (nothing to do with the calories but with what I grew up eating) but I would break tradition for your delicious-looking version!
The best! And, I'll even go for a spoonful of real Mayo at least two or three times a year!
kat said…
Yup, that is the classic, the one my hubs loves best
You're right! Classic potato salad is great. I had some too on the 4th made by someone else. It looked very similar to this one. I am bookmarking this!
Wow - you are smart - eggs and potatoes in the same pot - clever! Looks good - and this is the only way to eat potato salad...well, unless you add a bit of bacon.
Dana said…
You will hate me for this, but I just can't do the full fat mayo in my potato salad. I have a great recipe that uses low fat (not non-fat) mayo and plain yogurt with a lot of mustard in the mix. It's pretty close to the real thing although I would give it up for a bite of yours! :)
Karen said…
Looks good... I like using the red potatoes too so I don't have to peel russets. I hate to peel potatoes and I hate to vacuum. Good picture, too... all my pics of salads come out looking like a big blob of something you wouldn't want to eat. LOL
SarahB said…
Let me guess what you had for lunch today...
Ursula said…
This looks so delicious. Yummo. I missed out on potato salad this year.
Zoe said…
Good idea on the red-skinned potatoes! Looks awesome
Colloquial Cook said…
Photomontages galore, I see... Good for you, good for you :-)
Ah, Hellman's mayo, it's the one thing I haven't brought myself to try...
Cindy said…
Yum. I just wanted to reach through the screen and take a spoonful.
LaDue & Crew said…
lol... ok, so I am sitting here eating some of my low fat version of potato salad while I read your post... 'scuse me while I walk away with my tail between my legs- ha!
Marta said…
Oh yes, I love the mustard and the eggs here! Must really be creamy, I can see why it's your favourite :)
Maria said…
I love red taters. Happy one year!
Leave it to you to think of the eggs and potatoes in the same pot! Why didn't I think of that? Can I just tell you how good that looks. Spicy brown and mayo, yumm!
~~louise~~ said…
This has to be my very best favorite way of making potato salad. (I like real bacon crumbled on top) Simple and delicious. So funny, I boil the eggs with the potatoes too!!!

I use to make this potato salad with just as many eggs as potatoes. I have since, adapted it to today's cholesterol health warnings. However, Hellman's once a year?? Just isn't going to cut it!!!! NOW I want your potato salad, please....
Mila said…
Stacy....I love this post! I love how you talk about real mayo not killing you! At least with real mayo a little bit goes a long way! This salad looks yummy...I am not a particular fan of potato salads...but I would do this one!
Foodiewife said…
You're right. Red potatoes, skins on, is not only easier but tastier. We make our potato salad the same. Though-- I tend to add a little bit of white wine vinegar. Other than that...I'd fight over the bowl with you. Which is why I don't make it that often-- with Best Foods Mayonnaise...the Western label for Hellman's (as you so reminded me)!
Daily Spud said…
Let's hear it for full fat mayonnaise - potato salad deserves it!
Culinary Cory said…
You make your potato salad very similar to mine. Only difference is I like using shallots over onion. Gives it a milder flavor. I totally agree. A tablespoon of mayo is not the end of the world. So go for it!
Anonymous said…
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dm said…
*sniff sniff* Since it's just me for the 4th I went out and bought a Marks & Spencer's potato salad which is wonderful. It's made with charlotte potatoes and just enough for 1 person. My son will be working. I bought a disposable BBQ that is big enough for 1 vegetarian burger and 2 ears of corn.
Would you believe I couldn't find any corn with the husks still on? The papers say that there is a corn shortage. I told the ones that I'm growing to hurry up.
So Happy 4th of July from England!

Anonymous said…
Just made this. Awesome. I didn't have celery, so I used celery seed. I added some fresh chives and used a red onion. I used stone ground mustard and a splash of cider vinegar. Came our great. I'll try your dill suggestion next time!