Random Bites in June

I read an article on Serious Eats about a person getting 12 double yolks in a carton of Trader Joe's eggs! I have never had that good fortune, and I eat eggs everyday of my life.

I read the comments and many people said that if you buy JUMBO eggs, it is not uncommon to get a double yolk.
I usually buy extra large eggs.

Well, I accidentally purchased JUMBO eggs at my market, and there they were! A double yolk! I felt so lucky!

With all the Hamptons rhubarb I bought this month I made a rhubarb cobbler, same recipe as my little individual rhubarb cakes, though in a bigger pan this time, and I increased the rhubarb cooking liquid and added buttermilk. YUM!

I finally made dinner with the complimentary Buitoni Riserva Mushroom Agnolotti that I received.
I lied to the husband and told him they were stuffed with sausage (SHHHHH, he HATES mushrooms).

They were SO DELICIOUS, and I am not getting paid to say that!
I am not a stuffed pasta lover, and I LOVED these!

I made a simple pan sauce by frying some sage leaves from my garden in butter and adding some sea salt at the end.
Served with a salad, this wins the 2 E's award. Easy and Excellent.

My husband detected the mushrooms, though he did eat it, he didn't like being tricked.


SarahB said…
oh Hen, she had good intentions!!
Foodiewife said…
As I write, the rasberry buttermilk cake you posted is cooling. You were right, it's easy as can be. I used olallieberries, since I have a LOT of them. As for this cobbler...oh yeah! I've tricked my son, before. I feel a bit of sly satisfaction, but he doesn't like my joke at all. You're the one who opened my eyes to fried sage. So good!
Lori Lynn said…
I am a fan of the Buitoni Mushroom Agnolotti too. Your sauce sounds perfect.
Lucky you on the double yolks, I can't believe it is that common in the Jumbos, go figure!
Linda said…
pretty funky thing, the 'twin'yolk thing. The girls, however, said "EWWWW!!!!
Love ya
those pastas are so good arent they - the cheese and all stifles out the mushroom a little - but if you dont like them you can tell...
Does the double yolk mean that you should play the lotto this week? I like the husband trickery - sometimes it's necessary since we know them better than they know themselves. :)
kat said…
Oh you are sneaky with the mushrooms!
The Food Hunter said…
Funny I just saw that mushroom pasta this weekend. I think they will make a quick week night meal.
Melissa said…
Oh no way. That yolk thing happened to me too, very shortly after that post on SE. And mine weren't jumbo! I read up on how it happens though and I at least wasn't worried about them being bad... more yolk = yum.

And I LOVED that agnolotti. I almost bought more yesterday. An absolutely delicious packaged meal, which is such an anomaly. The fried sage must have matched the mushrooms perfectly too.
LaDue & Crew said…
Ha Ha! Love it! Tricking the hubby and the double egg yolk!