Kitchen Coolness

I am a food blogger by night, and an antiques dealer/appraiser by day.

Not only do I sell antiques, but I appraise estates for insurance companies and attorneys. It is an interesting vocation, to say the least.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of walking into a quirky 1950's ranch, sort of ugly, in a cool way, to do an appraisal of a deceased aunt's "valuables" (nothing was very valuable).

My pleasure was seeing this untouched, perfect, mid century modern kitchen.
The unique feature was that all of the appliances were BUBBLEGUM PINK!

I expected to see Donna Reed appear in her frilly apron.

I doubt anyone cooked in here. The appliances were all original and mint c. 1954.
A bright pink wall oven made by General Electric. This was a first for me, and I've been doing this almost 20 years.

There was an original pink KitchenAid dishwasher, a pink enamel range, and the piece de la resistance, a pink cabinet refrigerator/freezer. I have never seen this before.

Yes, folks, those pink looking kitchen cabinets are really a cabinet style electric fridge and freezer. All made by GE, back when GE used to make things to last. Now you are lucky if you get 3 years on your appliances without the motor dying.

All the original formica counter tops were still in tact, as well as the little pink top kitchenette set! Not something I would choose for myself, but I certainly can appreciate the aesthetics of the period.

I hope whoever buys this 1950's mid century modern ranch leaves the original kitchen in tact, though, it is highly doubtful.

Cream cheese and olives anyone?


Stacy, what a fun occupation. One we would all love.

I grew up the Donna Reed fifties with Leave it to Beaver and Ricky Nelson. My favorite color was pink so I would have thought this was cool. The refrigerator and freezer surprised me. I've never seen one like that.

My mother had a double oven Chambers range. Now they are being restored and are very vintage looks like Rachael Ray's kitchen. I'm sure after we sold her house the new owners took that stove to the dump, even though it was in perfect condition since my mother bought it in 1948. I bet they're sorry now when they see them going for big prices.

Very enjoyable and thanks for sharing. I've got my fingers crossed these pink babies go to a good and loving home.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
That is really interesting. I would love to have seen that in person. I never heard of a fridge like that either, but wouldn't that be great not to have to bend down to get stuff from the bottom shelves? Pink was all the rage back then for kitchens and bathrooms - I still have a pink mid-20th century bathroom covered in salmon pink tiles, tub, etc. One of these days it's gotta go.
Cindy Livesey said…
OMG, I want that house. How cool is that. You know it's going to ripped out by the new owners and that is just so sad. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
That is the coolest kitchen ever!!
But in todays world, it would be hard to cook in. Love the table and chairs!. I live in a 50's ranch. When we remodeled the kitchen and baths I saved and used some of the o so fine 50's stuff. And there is someone out there who will pay big bucks for the oven and the fridge-cabinets!!

I would love to have you job!!
kat said…
Oh my gosh how amazing! My sister recently bought a house & all the 1950's green appliances were still there in perfect condition as well & match all the green cupboards, I almost hate to see her update it.
That pink kitchen gear is amazing!
StaceyEsq said…
The deceased aunt must have been quite a character! Can't you just picture her, blue-haired, gloved and veil-netted? And yes, serving up cream cheese and olives and chicken divan and divinity fudge?!?
LaDue & Crew said…
Wow! I love it! Of course I would never choose it for myself, but there is something so homey and comforting about a kitchen like that. There has got to be someone out there that would give them a loving home... The refrigerator freezer reminds me of the things we used to see on "The Jetsons", lol.

You are right about new appliances. My last house I had all new Maytag. I had to replace the motor once on the fridge and twice on the dishwasher.

Here in my new house, I have all new LG appliances, and have had to replace the sump 3x on the dishwasher, and now the fridge is humming bad. All less than 10 months old!

I must be the black widow of appliances...
rcoda said…
WAY Cool!

I wish I could get in there with my 8x10" camera!
SarahB said…
very cool Stacey! Thank you for posting that! Any Eames sideboards laying around there?
Karen said…
Ugh. I'm afraid I'd lose my appetite cooking or eating in this kitchen. LOL What is the hole in the wall next to the oven for??
Foodiewife said…
Wow! That oven reminds me of the one that was in my 1960's kitchen, when I was a little kid. Hopefully, someone who loves retro and eclectic homes will fall in-love with it, as is. SOMEBODY will want this, even if it's sold and moved elsewhere.
I'd like the pink a lot better than the harvest gold or avocado that I remember was once the rage! Yikes!
Millie said…
Love seeing this, thanks for posting the pics. It's cute since it's so intact (not half retro half modern) as it was when it was instyle. I would love to see it in person.
That is amazing! I feel like having cotton candy right now!
lushpad said…
I've never seen upper cupboards disguising a fridge before! Especially in a vintage kitchen. Very cool!
This is perhaps the coolest kitchen EVER! So fun!
♥peachkins♥ said…
That is the most cool and amazing kitchen I've ever seen!!!
Lori Lynn said…
Oh I love it. Please please let the new owner see the value in this! Love the fan too!
I recently remodeled a sorority kitchen in all pink accessories and small appliances, no big pink appliances though...
Great post Stace!
That's very cool, and everything looks in great condition. They say everything old becomes new again!
OMG! If barbie ever designed a kitchen, it would look just like this!
Kim said…
Thanks for sharing the photos!! I have never seen such cute pink appliances before!! Those are precious and look like they should be in Cinderella's kitchen! I want them, even though they don't match my house : )
Culinary Cory said…
How crazy! I can't believe how perfect that kitchen was, not to mention, how clean. When I was house hunting, I can't tell how many houses I saw with "vintage" kitchens from dead owners. None were nearly as nice as this one.
angelina said…
OMG - I LOVE THAT KITCHEN!!! Where is this house located?? I would die to see it!! I notice you're in Summit, so I'm guessing its local? I'm in Morristown - literally just stumbled onto you blog and LOVE IT!! Great job!
Anonymous said…
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zelda said…
Wow! That is almost my kitchen. My husband and I live in my parent's old house built in the 1950's. I have the desert rose GE electric oven and matching range top. My mother, back in the day, had the washer and dryer set with turquoise and chrome accents, in the matching desert rose. It was top drawer. I still have the oven and stove, they have seen better days but still work like new. We have 're-done' every room in the house-except the kitchen. It's like a museum. I love the look-it's so out it's in.
Anonymous said…
I bought my house for that oven and still have it. Also had the GE tiny ass dishwasher and the stove. Also have the matching kitchen aid mixer. Lovely!!