Hamptons Eats


We were lucky enough to spend a long weekend at a friend's beautiful home in The Hamptons, on the end of Long Island.

The Hamptons consist of beautiful beaches, beautiful people and an interesting mix of farms and mansions.

The huge privet hedges guard the hidden castles so one can only sneak a peak into the lives of others while driving by.

We saw Martha and Ina's houses on Lily Pond Lane, however, when I rang the bell, no one came to the door. Wonder why?

Since it's still off season, we didn't see the A list celebs, just the D list ones.
Ok by me. They don't know who I am, and I don't care who they are.
I hid behind my borrowed privet hedge in seclusion.

Early June farmers' markets were all around selling the first bounty of the season.

Fresh beautiful asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries everywhere. I bought a bunch of everything to take home with me and make some goodies.

I caught up on my reading and finished 2 new terrific cookbooks while soaking up some sun.
A Platter of Figs and Two Dudes One Pan. Both books are my style of cooking.
Simple, fresh and easy.


Eileen said…
We lived out east about 20 years ago and loved driving to the eastern end of Long Island on weekends (in the off-season). Thanks for the beautiful photos.
kat said…
Sounds like a great time & that pool looks mighty inviting
Oh, I wish I had friends in the Hamptons. I will be checking out the cookbooks.
Dana said…
Love the empty beer bottle in the background of the last shot. That's my kind of weekend! I'd love to visit the Hamptons someday. My mom grew up on Long Island (Great Neck), but I've never been to the ritzy part of the "G-island".
Who knows about Martha - perhaps she was still in CT

Ina was probably in her new kitchen (I think I read it was built "next door" to her actual home) creating something else wonderful

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and got to actually relax
LaDue & Crew said…
So, so, envious... Great pics... That asparagus looks amazing~ the empty bottle does, too!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Friends in the Hamptons, books, beer, good food, suntan lotion - all sounds like a prescription for a great weekend. Lucky you.
Karen said…
Well, Martha was probably out back feeding her chickens and Ina was cutting flowers to put on the table for that night's dinner.

Looks like you had a fun, yummy, and restful vacay!
Lori Lynn said…
Oh how fun for you Stace!
The photos are lovely, and you are funny!
I'll have to keep my eye out for those cookbooks...
Foodiewife said…
I'm jealous! Not really. Looks like you had a fabulous time. How nice of your friends to share their lovely spread. It sure beats a noisy hotel.
I'll have to check out those cookbooks.
figtreeapps said…
Wow your photos of the Hamptons are DREAMY. My mother in law was in the Hamptons 2 summers ago, she asked a stranger while out shopping for a good place for brunch...she didnt realize the stranger was INA>> Too funny.Figtreeapps
Maris said…
Those are such gorgeous photos! I've been out to the Hamptons once or twice but I don't remember it being so gorgeous! At least, not where I stayed! Hehe.
Cookbooks, beer and rhubard! That's the life!
Patsyk said…
Stace- your photos are gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful get-away!
Aaah, The good life! What a great excursion for you, and I love all the bounty you brought home. I'll check out those books next time I'm at Borders.
Of course you would read a cookbook with figs in the title! :)
The JR said…
What a nice weekend. Looks very relaxing. Know ya'll had a great time.

Zoe said…
Wow looks like a great trip! Lucky!
~~louise~~ said…
I'm so glad you had a wonderful time out here, Stacey. It sure looks like you got the cream of the crop. I'm hoping we have a fairly quiet summer this year, but many of the shops and farm stands depend on visitors. Could you please come back and bring some SUN! I'll take some of that Asparagus Strudel too!
tavolini said…
Looks beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Ina's house. Seems like she would be welcoming ;)
Culinary Cory said…
Such a cute post. Someday I'll vacation like a A Lister like you. A boy can only dream right?
Anonymous said…
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