Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I was asked to bring a large salad/pasta dish to a birthday BBQ last weekend.
I had heard this Bobby Flay recipe for toasted couscous with grilled vegetables was the bomb.

Well, it wasn't. It was a big bore.

It was lacking something and after all that "chillin' and grillin'" I thought, hey, why did I make this?

It was such a chore, slicing all those vegetables, standing at the grill, toasting the couscous, making the dressing and chopping the herbs. Did I really need a recipe for this? No.

In the end it was saved. I threw in everything but the kitchen sink.

I added grilled chicken, ricotta salata and a ton of lemon juice and extra herbs (mint, basil, parsley) to make it a delicious summer picnic entree.

I will stick to my tried and true recipes from now on.


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Could it be that it just needed more seasonings? It sounds like it should have been good from the git-go, but sometimes even a top-name chef is not so terrific on every recipe. Glad you salvaged it for your picnic.
kat said…
How frustrating to do all the work only to have it be bland. Luckily you had the skills to fix it!
I can see how the original recipe might have been less than stellar. I'd hate to do all that work and end up with something bland. Your fix was excellent. What can't cheese improve?
Bob said…
What a bummer! At least you saved it. :)
Maria said…
Sorry it wasn't a favorite. The veggies look amazing though!
LaDue & Crew said…
Made for a pretty picture though, huh?! I think you can rescue any dish though!
What a bummer! I hate when things that take forever to make don't turn out. I mean I hate when anything doesn't turn out, but all that extra effort for nothing really stinks. Looks like you made something tasty out of it after all though!
Foodiewife said…
I'm lukewarm on a lot of Bobby Flay's recipes. While it's a shame that the recipe didn't live up to your expectations, you saved it brilliantly. Maybe it's time for a Showdown between you and Bobby? I'd bet on you to win.
Awww that's disappointing! I was a all set to bookmark it it looks SO good. Hmm I might try a variation but with something extra. Did it just need more flavor??

Ha! It looks great, but who needs so much effort for a summer party. I'm all about easy until at least October!
Karen said…
Love the chicken in there and all those veggies look great... I could make a meal just of those! Couscous always reminds me of fish eyes. LOL
It looks good to me. Pass me a bowl!
Meseidy said…
What a disappointment but you tossed in a few thing and it looks great. I really like the cookbook I picked up from Martha. The recipes are very simple and tasty. The book has them divided by season which I just love. I will probably be trying several more.

We went to see Terminator. Great date move...lol. ;)
Pierre Lamielle said…
Holy crap, I just wet my mouth.
I friggin love big honking 'salads' loaded with tonnes of stuff and especially with Israeli couscous. I've got a similar one that I teach in class, but this one looks super good with the grilled bits.
Martha was home when you knocked, but we just didn't feel like answering the door, you know how it is when you're trying to unwind...