Random Bites & a Foodbuzz Event

I baked these terrific chocolate chip cupcakes in colorful floral liners.

I have been reading that many bloggers are tired of people posting cupcakes on their sites.
How can you be tired of a little individual package of cake?
Ok then, let's just call them muffins.
Killjoys, I say.

I made fiddleheads for the first time ever this month.
Fiddleheads can be found on my neighbor's lawn and at farmer's markets April-May. They are from the Ostrich fern.

I boiled them for 10 minutes, then sauteed them in butter with a pinch of salt. To me, they were much like asparagus. I like my spears better.

Foodbuzz had an anniversary party last week at David Burke Townhouse in New York City.
The party was for featured food editors and a celebration of their one millionth milestone post!

Not only did we get to meet the chef, David Burke, but we got to sample delicious food and meet NY area food bloggers, such as Tom from T.W. Barritt/Culinary Types, Adam from Amateur Gourmet, & Christo from Chez What. It was a great event. Thank you foodbuzz for always feeding us well!

(pictured left to right are, Giff from The Constable's Larder, Ashley from Culinary Wannabe, Me, Marc from No Recipes and Claire from Colloquial Cookin').

(photo courtesty of Food Network Musings)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend....I will be back on Tuesday with some great recipes!


LaDue & Crew said…
Great post Stace! I love seeing all the faces behind the blogs!

I've always been curious about those fiddleheads... guess I won't be rushing out to find them!

And I love cupcakes, too ;-)

Have an awesome weekend!
Foodiewife said…
Good for you for trying fiddleheads! I was curious about them, but thanks for letting me know that my beloved asparagus is what's best.
Enjoy your holiday. Take lots of pics and share them.
Anonymous said…
Did you like fiddleheads? We had them for the first time the other day too and liked them but we thought they definitely needed some flavoring and spice, so we liked them in the asian-style prep. Have a great weekend!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I've always wanted to try fiddleheads but haven't got to them yet. Doesn't sound like I need to after what you said. The food selection looks wonderful and you look beautiful, as always.
Did your neighbors realize you were picking fiddleheads off their lawn? I think today my neighbors gave me an open invitation to pick tomatoes from their patch, but I'm not quite sure ...

It's great fun to see your photos from the Foodbuzz party - I seem to have gotten to the mini tarte tartins way before you did!
Anonymous said…
fiddleheads again! where can I find these delightful little swirly veggies besides the farmers markets?
haha..and I can NEVER be too bored with pics of cupcakes! they're pretty cakes in a cup! how can you ever be sick of them?
Nice pic!! We've been in Toronto for the past week, so sorry I'm just now swingin by to see it.
Lori Lynn said…
I have never made them either. Want to give it a try. Mario Batali served them with salumi at B&B in Vegas, we like that. They might have been pickled...