Sacrilegious: Chicken Parm

I have always had this thing against chicken parmesan.

I feel that melted mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce does not belong on top of veal or chicken, it is just not meant to be.

It's just me. I am a food snob. I consider it pizzeria food. My brother and husband always order this dish when in a red sauce joint. They love it. I always sneer when it comes to the table.

This is not a dish that is served in Italy, it is an American thing.
Well, I am an American, so I guess it would be ok to make this and get over myself.

Here goes.

I hate to admit that this was so simple and satisfying. I see why kids and boys (men) love this dish! I am now converted! I loved this! Comfort food at its best.

Stacey Snacks "Chicken Parm" (as we call it in NJ):

~ 1 package of boneless chicken breasts (don't use the thin ones)
~ flour
~ egg
~ panko or seasoned bread crumbs
~ 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese
~ salt & pepper

~ fresh mozzarella cheese
~ tomato sauce
~ pesto

Dip your chicken breasts in the FEB mixture (flour, eggs, breadcrumbs mixed w/ cheese). Fry in oil about 4 minutes on each side until they start to get golden in color.

In a casserole dish, lay some tomato sauce (jar of your favorite sauce is fine) on the bottom.
Lay breaded chicken breasts in casserole.
Spoon some tomato sauce over the breasts (sounds provocative!).

Top with fresh sliced mozzarella cheese (the stuff in water is best). I dab the tops with some pesto.

Bake in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes until sauce is bubbling.
Serve on pasta if you like!

This was really good. Don't tell anyone!


Peter M said…
When done right (like here), chicken parm is a fine dish. I cringed when I saw someone at my table once order halibut parm...what a waste of good fish.
I hear you on combo hang-ups - I have a hard time mixing eggs with chicken - I am always trying some creative breading technique whenever I need to make a fried breaded chicken thing....
Ciao Chow Linda said…
You're right about it not being eaten in Italy. But you're also right about how delicious it is. Next thing is to have it on a hard Italian roll - a chicken parm sandwich like Hoagie Haven makes.
I am with you and would never order this in a restaurant but my husband LOVES it and I just made it for dinner last week. The leftovers are always good in a sandwich. I like the extra pesto you added.
Sara said…
Yum, this looks so good. I love that you used fresh mozzarella here, I want to try that!
kat said…
Oh, this is such comfort food! I love it done with eggplant too.
Pam said…
I am glad you became a believer. I love chicken parm. Adding pesto to the top is brilliant. Delicious.
StaceyEsq said…
I actually made chicken parm over pasta last night and it was a hit with the whole family (including my finicky 3 year old). And I didn't have to flambe' it and set my kitchen on fire. Next time I make it I will try your recipe, which I already know will be a lot tastier than mine (the inclusion of pesto is inspired).
Foodiewife said…
You, a food snob? Nah. Just a woman with a brilliant knack for recipes. I haven't made chicken parm in years, but I think of it as Italian-American Schnitzel. LOVE the pesto idea. Your secrets safe with us.
The Food Hunter said…
I've never gotten chicken parm when dining out but I do make it at home sometimes. It is pure comfort food. I like your addition of pesto. I'll have to try that next time.
Giff said…
I have no moral qualms about eating such a delicious dish :) Bring it on!
LaDue & Crew said…
I'm with you. I also never like to order something out that is a no brainer to make at home. I like complication in my food ;-) I will try this one though, because you said to! My hubby will now love you forever, too...
Wendy said…
I am with you about not ordering this when I go out to eat, but I amke it at home all the time. Next time, I am trying it with the pesto on top. Looks so yummy!
Maris said…
I love chicken parm. I agree, I wouldn't want it at Jean-Georges but sometimes it definitely hits the spot!
Bob said…
I've never been a chicken parm fan. I don't think there is anything wrong with it and I love all the parts, but something about breaded chicken with tomato sauce doesn't do it for me. Not that that doesn't look fantastic and I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up to it if you offered me some. ;)
You won't eat chicken parm (till now) but you'll eat jarred sauce? ;-)

Yes, it's American, but I've learned to not be a snob about Italian-American classics. I believe that this has become a cuisine all its own and when it's well executed, it's just as delicious as anything more authentically Italian.
Stacey Snacks said…
Rachel (Short Disorder Cook):

I don't buy jarred tomato sauce, but I didn't want to be a TOTAL snob and give a homemade marinara sauce recipe when this meal is so simple to begin with.....if you have a good jar sauce recommendation, I am all ears!
Chicken Parm is one of my favs. I ran a concession stand for little league in NJ and served chicken parm hoagies there.

BUT, I did it a tad differently. I cut the chicken into chucks and then did the FEB to them. Then fried them up as you would the full breasts.

Then when someone would order I would put the chicken on the roll, cover with some of my homemade 'gravy' (I could not even use jarred sauce at the little league i am such a snob!) and cover with shredded mozzarella cheese...a HUGE hit...even got a write up in the Trenton newspaper one year!
SOLD. My husband might even eat chicken this way . . . speaking of food hangups, oy.
Juliana said…
Yum, looks so good...the pictures make my mouth water...
Maria said…
Great meal like always!
Melissa said…
Your version looks STELLAR! Truly. I haven't made this in quite some time, but it was one of the first things I made when embarking on my cooking journey. Steve loves it and he converted me too, or I guess you could say *I* converted me hehe.
I love your little pesto dabs, and I love chicken parm, even if its not made in Italy! How could you resist that?
Jamie said…
I have always loved this dish and yours looks extraordinarily delicious! I will try this! I know we will all love it!
Culinary Cory said…
I have a couple of friends that think Olive Garden is the best Italian food in the world. They always order chicken parm there. As a hard core foodie, it drives me nuts. I really like how you added a little dollop of pesto and basil to give it a little kick of flavor.
Patsyk said…
I have to make this at home every few weeks for my family of boys... it's not bad when made at home... I'm not so crazy about it when we are out though. Too many other wonderful dishes to try instead!