Tortellini w/ Peas, Pesto & Prosciutto

This is my favorite late night snack. No lie.

This is what I have always made after coming home from a late night of drinking.
Not that we do that much any more, we are getting too old for that.

I don't know why this is so satisfying. Maybe it's the saltiness, or the vinegar, but it's a made up recipe, and you will love it even if you have not had a few martinis.
It takes no time at all to prepare, except for boiling the pasta.

Pre-made pesto in the jar is just the best invention since chocolate milk.
I always have a lot of in the cupboard for these type of emergencies.

Midnight Munchie Tortellini w/ Pesto, Peas & Prosciutto:

1 package of fresh, dried or frozen tortellini
3 tbsp of premade pesto from a jar
a handful of frozen peas
a glug of GOOD extra virgin olive oil
4 tbsp of WHITE balsamic vinegar
2 slices of prosciutto, torn into strips (I like Citterio brand from Italy)

Cook the tortellini & frozen peas for about 3 minutes until done.
Drain the pasta & peas in a colander and mix with the pesto.
Pour your oil and white balsamic vinegar and taste.

These photos were taken under the influence and after midnight. Shhh, don't tell my mother!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - When I saw this, I thought she must be bringing this to MaryAnn and Marie's festa, but no, you've got another trick up your sleeve I see. Are those pasta the little "purses" you buy at Costco? I use them in chicken soup whenever I can, but your way looks delicious for a snack at midnight or anytime.
If I didnt know better I would think you were luring me over....
StaceyEsq said…
Great. 8:19 a.m. and I'm dreaming of martinis and tortellini. You're such a bad influence. Some things haven't changed in 35 years.

Love, Stacey
LaDue & Crew said…
Ha! I knew when I saw the various font's that something was up- you, apparently, were still having some fun! Looks SO good!
Anonymous said…
Peas with pesto is just the best. Looks great! I may be putting peas in everything for next few weeks.
kat said…
Woah, you are better than me I'm lucky if I can put together some nachos after a night out drinking
Good under the influence!
brandin + kari said…
NIce picture on the top? New camera technique?
The Food Hunter said…
Looks yummy! Some of the best meals have been made under the influence. :-)
Anonymous said…
Your pictures aren't bad for being taken after an evening of beverages and fun. Mine usually come out pretty blurry and have some sort of weird angle. Bravo.
Anonymous said…
I love late night food...last night it was BBQ, so bad! This looks like a better choice.
Bob said…
Mmmm, martinis and tortellini. Good times. :)
Now my usual late night slice of pizza is looking awfully sad compared to this.
Colleen said…
Love this recipe! Looks so easy and delicious!
Melissa said…
Something about this, it's like I can taste it through the screen. Savory. Love this as a munchie and I imagine it would be perfect when coming in drunk. You can't cook complicated stuff at that point anyway (well, actually, I kind of can...).
Anonymous said…
I love tortellini and the peas just look delicious. It is very semi-homemade and I love that.
Foodiewife said…
Subliminally, you inspired me to make my own pesto. You're right. Pesto and pea pasta makes an easy and delicious quick meal.

Loved it!
Anonymous said…
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