Porterhouse & Cioppolinis

One food that I don't make often enough at home is steak.

The reason being is that I never seem to be able to prepare a dry aged, great tasting, seasoned just right, succulent, perfectly cooked piece of meat.

I leave that up to the experts. I LOVE a good steak. There are too many great steakhouses that do it right. I love ordering the traditional steakhouse sides like creamed spinach, or potatoes au gratin to accompany my man food, and of course a great big glass of heavy Bordeaux for me, please.

But, there is a price to pay for hanging out with the big boys.
I have noticed the last few times we have gone out to a steakhouse in NY or even a Ruth's Chris chain, the price of the steak, a la carte is $42., and that's minimum, and it comes with nothing, just the moo on the plate.

Well, tis the time to cut down on steakhouse consumption, so I am going to try cooking my favorite cut of steak (which is porterhouse) in my new Lodge cast iron skillet.

Ribeye and porterhouse are the best cuts of meat, because they have a bone (which always add more flavor, whether it be chicken or beef), and nice marbling, and also an extra bonus, the porterhouse cut has a piece of the filet attached.

Yes, I have been known to chew the fat.

My luck, Prime was on sale at my market for half of what it usually costs, so I bought 2 beautiful steaks.

I took them out of the fridge and left them on the counter for an hour plus to come to room temperature. I seasoned them with a swipe of olive oil and lots of kosher salt and tons of cracked black pepper.

I heated up my cast iron skillet and threw the beauties in the pan. I like my steak medium, so cooked them 4 minutes on each side, and let them rest on the counter a few minutes before cutting, so that the juices distribute nicely.

In the same skillet, I threw in a bunch of cut up little red cioppolini onions that I bought at the farmers' market last weekend.

Towards the end of cooking them, I splashed them with a bit of balsamic vinegar to glaze them and served them on top of the steaks!

This was fantastic! I will be adding steak to my cast iron cooking (which I am really enjoying!).


I almost had to slap myself - that meat is cooked to perfection!
kat said…
Beautiful! Those pictures just made me crave a steak & I have a big bag of those onions too! I also leave the steak cooking up to the expert, Matt ;)
SarahB said…
yum...looks great! Al and I finally mastered cooking a perfect steak. Thank you Mark Bittman!
StaceyEsq said…
You had me at great big glass of heavy Bordeaux . . .
Foodiewife said…
I love steak. I could eat it several times a week. However, I limit how often I eat red meat. This steak looks fabulous! A cast iron skillet is the way to go.

I hear you on the price of eating steaks in restaurants. Love Ruth Chris's, but it's very expensive.

It's not even 8am for me, and I'm thinking of sinking my teeth into this.
Giff said…
three cheers to cast iron skillets :) now i'm hungry
Karen said…
Perfect! We rarely eat steaks at home so I'm kind of afraid to cook them, but I guess if you start out with a good piece of meat and don't overcook it, it really doesn't need much else.
Bob said…
I loooove steak, I cook it at home all the time. Course, I'm not very fussy about it. I don't think I've ever paid 42 bucks for one. Good thing too, since I couldn't afford that! Heh.
LaDue & Crew said…
Wow, it's been awhile since I went to Ruth's Chris. The last ribeye I had there was $33- which is why we make them at home for $8 instead, on sale. I've never done them in a cast iron skillet though. Our BBQ is on year round out here! I may have to try it. The onions sound so good, too!
The JR said…
I love steak, especially with onions. I love beef!!! I eat chicken, but given a choice - I'll always pick beef.

Looks great and as you said fantastic. So much better than paying the steak house inflated price for a meal that cost so much less, was just as good and you didn't have to wait for.

Daniel said…
Stacey, great job with your photos of a subject that usually doesn't photograph well (meat, that is!).

And congrats for getting out from under the thumb of Ruth's Chris. $42 will buy you several steaks at home.

Casual Kitchen
Maria said…
Looks like you know your meat!! I will take the onions!
noble pig said…
Porterhouse is my go to steak. When it's on sale I have the butcher wrap up about 20 individually (he loves that) and away I go. This sounds outstanding!
Thats one heck of a steak Stace! Cooked perfectly. Did you have any left for steak and eggs?
Melissa said…
$42?? Jeebus. I do make it at home, and have gotten much better at it with my cast iron. Glad you had such a decadent success.
Peter M said…
Is it wrong for me to want this for brekkie right now? I think NOT! Kudos to the Stace-meister!
Anonymous said…
Such an awesome Post!! The cut of meat is something i feel all meat eaters should know! great info!!