NYC Random Bites

I can't walk past a specialty food store in Manhattan without stopping in.
Same goes for Paris or any other foodie city. I love looking around and bringing home treats. Do you think that I might have a problem?

I couldn't pass Russ & Daughters Appetizing shop (it's been on the same street since 1914) without stopping in to buy the BEST SMOKED SALMON IN THE WORLD.
The men are professional slicers, gentleman who wear ties and are always happy to see you. Don't forget that white fish salad. Oh my GOD good.

PS. the prices on the little signs in the case are listed for a 1/4 of a lb. (about $32. per pound for salmon).

On a NYC bagel, with a swipe of scallion cream cheese, it's worth visiting just for this.
My breakfast this a.m.

How about a babka? From a great NYC bakery.
My life is a Seinfeld episode.
Didn't Elayne and Jerry have some kind of problem in a bakery over a babka? or was that a rye bread?
Cinnamon or chocolate, you choose. If you have an Eastern European Grandmother, ask her to bake you one.

Here is the menu at Keith McNally's "too young for me" restaurant, Schiller's Liquor Bar. The crowd is 20 something, and you can tell that their taste in wine is not MY taste in wine. But the sign cracked me up.
He owns Balthazar and Pastis.


Foodiewife said…
Family owned specialty food stores is what would make me want to visit NY again. Lox and Bagels for breakfast is tops on my list... so is NY Style Pizza... NY Cheesecake. My fingers are twitching to google flights to New York.

I envy you! Wish I could taste it from California.

Peter M said…
Those banks of salmon are a beautiful site. I could eat a whole side...really.
Anonymous said…
I'd like a bagel and lox RIGHT NOW - those pictures make it look so yummy! That and the pictures you took at Katz's. AAH what's left of the lower east side.
LaDue & Crew said…
Ok, now this post was pure torture! I am SO craving a bagel, cream cheese, lox, red onion tomato and capers right now! I have to go run now before I raid the fridge!
The Seinfeld episode was about a marble rye. So funny. Love the wine sign. ♥Rosemary
Dana Treat said…
It makes me so jealous to see this! We have a few good foodie stores in Seattle but they are definitely few and far between. I just went in to my "neighborhood" one and found out it is shutting its doors. Sob!
Anonymous said…
Yes, the chocolate babka! I grew up on delicious!
Maris said…
Love the wine list at Schiller's! I'd totally go for a cheap carafe.
The stores are just dangerous! And schiller's is one of my favorite places to have big, fun dinners. Especially love the bar there and all their fun drinks. Although, we usually go down the street to Stanton Social more often if we are trekking down that way.
StaceyEsq said…
It's so convenient having Russ & Daughters and Katz's Deli on the same block, isn't it? Although last time we lunched at the Deli, the line at R & D was SO long my husband insisted that we pass right by. I am still mad at him for that. Your pictures are lovely! I am SO dying for a bit of that bagel right now with my coffee!
Anonymous said…
Great random bites. Love the menu board with cheap, decent and good house wine.
The Food Hunter said…
Oh How I can't wait to get to NY!
Look at that salmon! and your bagel breakfast you had puts my whole wheat toast I'm having this morning to shame!
Nicole Lang said…
Stacey i am with ya on all the above!!
I heart Russ and Daughters
Cate said…
That salmon looks divine, and totally worth the trip into the city.