This Blog is Making Me Fat part 2

Back in the summer, I did a post on how hard it was to keep up with baking and cooking for the blog without gaining weight.

I do appreciate the comments that say "how do you stay so thin?". "Do you really eat all of that without gaining weight?". "You must have good genetics.....".

I weigh myself everyday, except weekends.
Since the evolution of Stacey Snacks, I have gained a SOLID 5 lbs.

I eat a lot, as you know by now. My husband is a big guy who needs a lot of nourishment, so we eat a lot and like it.

I have been following bloggers who are on weight loss journeys like Recipe Girl, who has lost 12 lbs. the last time I looked, and Janet from LaDue & Co. is on a strict diet eating Lean Cuisines & just lost 9 lbs! (she is also exercising like a maniac). It's tough when you love food and it is such a big part of your life.

We are going on vacation in the Spring, and I would like to be at my normal weight and drop those 5 unwanted ugly pounds.
How to do this?

Here is Gwyneth Paltrow's OBSCENE 7 day detox plan. If I followed her daily menus, after the third day I would be so weak, I wouldn't be able to think straight! and how about her castor oil drink?
She annoyed me on that PBS Spain show, and now she really annoys me!

Here is my way, and it will work! (keep telling yourself that!).

FERME LA BOUCHE!!!! (translates from French "SHUT THE MOUTH!").

My rules:

~Grapefruit and whole wheat toast w/ a swipe of peanut butter for breakfast.

~Soup or salad for lunch

~Lean meats and vegetables for dinner.

~Booze only on Friday and Saturday nights.

~No eating after 8 pm (my biggest problem)

~Baked goods must CEASE NOW. I will only bake to give away.

~Increase exercise


I will still be posting yummy recipes, just not eating a second helping of them!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - I need to shed some pounds too and I'm with you on every one of those things except "No baked goods." I just can't give those up, but will try to eat fewer of them. I'll be rooting for you - it's really hard to lose weight. Good luck.
LaDue & Crew said…
Wow, now I am extra committed! As of this morning I finally passed that 10 lb mark, and graduated to "real food". There is a lot to be said for exercise, other than the fact I am sore as all get out and muscles hurt that I didn't even know existed! You can do the 5 lbs, piece of cake- er- I mean, tofu... Bikini bound, Stacey!!
Pam said…
I am up some pounds too. It's so hard to have a food blog and not gain weight. Good luck with losing your 5lbs.
Amy B said…
Lead the way, Stacey! I'm always looking for healthier eating ideas.
Especially this time of year when I know the big winter coat is coming off in a few short months. I'm starting to do Michelle Obama arm toning exercises too!:-)
Foodiewife said…
I needed a kick in my pants, to watch what and how much I eat. It's very hard to keep my weight down when I'm tempted by so many recipes since I became a food blog addict/blogger three months ago.
Thanks for reminding me to taste a little and give the rest away!
Good luck! No doubt, you'll succeed.
kat said…
Wow, good for you. I joined a gym this year which was my big thing towards staying in shape. I think small batch baking is good too since that way I don't have tons of baked goods around to snack on just that one cookie or cupcake when I really want it.
Anonymous said…
I with you, but I probably need to lose 10!
Anonymous said…
don't get me started on gwynnie. i could go on for hours. or mario, or mark bittman for that matter. that whole show was HORRENDOUS. it was like watching 5 hours of rachel ray on volume 10. i couldn't take more than 10 mins. of it.

to know that gwynnie has a detox plan is even more annoying to me. but such is the life of a celeb...

i've had to really up my exercise routine in order to not gain that much weight, and i refuse to weigh myself. when my jeans feel tight i add time to the gym. it's all i can do cause i just can't not eat.
i'm sure i've gained 5 pounds since starting the blog too.
Bob said…
I could stand to lose some weight myself. But I figure, since I'm a dude, if I can just put on enough muscle I can get some more tattoos and pull off the biker look. ;)
Anonymous said…
I eat most of my calories (about 600) for breakfast. A mix of carb, protein and fat and it REALLY helps manage craving throughout the works!

Good luck and remember...multiply your weight by 12 to get the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight. To lose 1/2 pound per week drop that number by 500 calories a day. It pound, no matter how you look at it, is 3500 calories. It's all in the math!
Nisa-mom said…
hi you know what some people say ? don't trust skinny chef LOL ..

Anyway,during summer I won't bake anymore *maybe* heheheh.. I need to lose 20 lbs.
Maria said…
Great post! I get the same questions all of the time. People don't believe me that I eat what I make, but I do! We eat really healthy most of the time, so we can have our favorite treats and splurges...and we share too! Plus I exercise most days of the week. I probably have gained a few lbs. since I started blogging, I don't weigh myself because I become obsessed! So I just try to eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and allow some room for treats. I am trying to be more careful lately, with Spring coming. Where are you going? We are headed to Palm Beach in May so I want to be able to wear my suit:) I love food, so it is always a struggle..I am just excited for warmer weather so I can get out and move even more!! I am getting sick of the elliptical:) Ok sorry for rambling. I am with you girl!!
Anonymous said…
I get asked that all the time too. What do you do with all the leftovers? Do you actually eat everything you post?

My secret is to stay as active as possible, and all my leftovers end up being lunch the next day.
Good for you!! I totally stink at limiting what I eat. I end up bingeing on oreos at like 3 in the afternoon. So, when I have gained a little weight (I weigh myself often as well) that I want to drop quick and then go back to normal eating, I do this apple turkey thing. For a few days (2-3 at most) I eat nothing but apples and turkey. Positive this isn't healthy, but I never really feel hungry doing this and it's way better to only spend 2 days doing something than a few weeks. :) I'm sure your plan is much more healthy and actually feasible long term though!
Peter M said…
Stace, you're being way to hard on yourself...the 5lbs probably looks god on ya!

As a guy, a little curve in a woman is preferred...have that donut!
Anonymous said…
I can totally relate. My issue is that I hate wasting food, and in order to post new things every day, I'm either tossing out leftovers or eating ridiculously large portions to get rid of it. I just need to find people to feed I think...
I try that Shut Your Mouth technique, except that I shut it after the food is already in my mouth. I don't think I have the hang of it yet. ;)

Good luck.

- John