Fun with Fondue

Remember that 1960's apres ski fondue party phase? You probably weren't born yet.

Fondue pots were the big craze. It seemed that every Betty Crocker Cookbook back then had a million fondue recipes. Cheese fondue being the most popular, a mixture of gruyere and white wine with toasted bread for dipping. I love it.

I had just been born, so I don't remember my parents drinking martinis and having those fun parties (or any parties, for that matter).

Well, martinis are back in full force! and fondues are back in style again.

We ordered a chocolate fondue for dessert in a restaurant the other night, and I thought what a great idea to get the kids involved in making a fun dessert.

The things to dip are endless.......anything goes.

You will need a fondue pot (the red one & forks from Williams Sonoma) and some long fondue forks.

This weekend at a family party, we had a chocolate fondue that the kids made all by themselves, except for lighting the flame. It was easy and delicious. 8 year old Brooke assembled the ingredients and 4 year old Olivia helped. So, I don't want to hear that you can't cook.

Chocolate Fondue:

1 container of chocolate discs (Williams Sonoma makes it very easy with their already measured out chocolate discs just for fondue).
1/3 cup of heavy cream.

Mix all ingredients in pot over the lit sterno until chocolate is melted and creamy.

Ideas for dipping:

sliced green apples
pineapple chunks
marshmallows (the best!)
bananas (my kryptonite)
orange sections
almond biscotti

Now, after the kids are all high on sugar, try putting them to bed so you can have that martini!!!!! Mine, on the rocks, 3 olives please.


StephanieSells said…
We had a whole fondue dinner party...with no kids and lots of martini's! It was a blast!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh Stacey - You bring back memories - Yes, I remember the 60s but it was the 70s when I was first married and having fondue parties. We were scheduled to host a dinner party one night when all the electricity went out. Everybody came anyway and we turned it into a fondue party with hurricane lamps on the patio providing the light.

I still have my fondue pots (and forks) and should give it another whirl. Getting the kids involved was a fun idea.
Oh! You touched on one of our loves. We do lots of BBQs in the spring and summer with 20 or more kids in our home and yard. Put some fruit out chocolate in the fondue pot. OH THE POWER OF CHOCOLATE HAS ON THE YOUNG. I also think that my the end the kids have more fruit in their belly than chocolate.
kat said…
My friend was cleaning her cupboards the other day & found 3 sets that were probably wedding gifts long ago, wonder if I she wants tog et rid of one
Maria said…
What a fun treat for the kids!!
LaDue & Crew said…
I love fondue! You're right, marshmallows are the best, especially if you have the time to make your own. Once I tried one of the fondue recipes from Sandra Lee (Semi- homemade show), and it was the most awful recipe! She used a cheap jar of Alfredo sauce as her base- Ugh, disgusting concoction! So anyone thinking of trying that one, forget it! Stick with the real thing!
Bluebird NY said…
I got married (the first time!)in 1982 and we got 3 Fondue sets as wedding gifts. The last time I had fondue was at a retaurant on a snowy night with a certain blogger!
Karen said…
Sure, I remember fondue parties :) I still have my 1960's fondue pot!
Karen said…
Sure, I remember fondue parties :) I still have my 1960's fondue pot!
Pam said…
What fun! I need to break out my fondue pot - my kids would love it.
Anonymous said…
I have a few fondue pots from a phase I went through. I think I may dust them off for v-day. Thanks for the idea:-)
Julian loves to do chocolate fondue! Last time we did, we dipped fruit as well as pound cake (cut into cubes) and soft chocolate chip cookies. Yum! - John
Lovely page, especially that picture of your little girl peeking over the pot! You are right fondue is back and we're lovin' it. We had one with three teenagers (definitely not a romantic fondue) and had a blast. It led me to create a page featuring my super-simple recipe at The Best-Ever Chocolate Fondue Recipe. I'd love to have you visit!

Colleen said…
You are correct - I was not born yet LOL. But the chocolate fondue looks delicious!
Bob said…
Awesome! My parents used to do fondue when I was a kid, it was lots of fun. We would always get doughnuts to dip in the chocolate one. Good times. :)
We always get fondue at Blue Water and I love the little rice krispie treats they serve with it. Great idea for the kids - although now I'm afraid that I'll screw it up when even a 4 year old can do it. :)
Anonymous said…
My parents never did fondue or was Blue Nun and clam dip at my house....what evah'!

This looks like a much better deal.
Anonymous said…
this Rocks!!! i'm going to try this one out on some friday night...i know my little ones will love this.

thanks and love this newly discovered blog. i love food!
That fondue looks amazing...and so does that oven baked "fried" chicken too - I did a southern fried chicken on a stick and buttermilk is SUCH the way to go!
Great for Valentines day coming up, haven't had a chocolate fondue in years, I know I have a pot somewhere in this house, I need to pull it out and dust it off!
Michele said…
My boyfriend made me a three course fondue meal at home for my birthday this past summer and we are going to one of our favorite restaurants...The Melting Pot for Valentine's Day!!! We LOVE fondue!
Anonymous said…
I love dipping pound cake or stale plain donuts in chocolate. So good!
Anonymous said…
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