Friday the 13th, My Funny Valentine

I don't mean to be a killjoy, but going out to dinner on Valentine's Day is for amateurs. Why do I need to get ripped off with those prix fixed Valentine's menus? $100 per person, and a red rose. To celebrate a Hallmark holiday?

I can make out with my husband at home and make a better meal here.
It's like going out for brunch on Mother's Day. I hate crowds! UGH.

Please don't think I am not a romantic, or not sentimental, because I am.

Why not give flowers on an unexpected day? Show your love for your partner everyday, not just Feb. 14. Duh.

We had a lovely dinner on Friday the 13th instead, at a nice French Bistro in NYC called Cafe Cluny. Nothing fancy, just a great casual place in the West Village, with really great food and very reasonable prices.

I had the most wonderful beet salad with blood oranges, 3 colors of beautiful roasted beets and some kind of cheese slices stuck in between. Gorgeous presentation and delicious to boot.

Here is the "heart beet" salad. Get it?

Here is what I woke up to last week after a dusting of snow on my front porch.
And no, the mailman did not write this.

Now that's romantic! Hope you had a nice Valentine's day! or Friday the 13th or both.


kaye said…
What a wonderful surprise! And I love your outlook on Valentine's Day--and I also HATE crowds :)
Anonymous said…

How sweet is that??????????????
That's our boy.
with love,
LaDue & Crew said…
Awwwwwww....!!! What a guy! I'd even frame that pic! So glad you had a perfect Fri the 13th ;O)
Anonymous said…
I refuse to go out on Valentine's it's lame and crazy.

I love the frost writing...THAT IS LOVE.
Bob said…
I always cook for my girlie on V Day too. So much better than going out. Of course on friday the 13th we grabbed that particular movie out of my large horror dvd collection. That makes her want to get close much more than a big meal. ;)
The Food Hunter said…
I agree: we never go out on Valentines day. Who wants to deal with the crowds.

How nice...your're husband is so romantic.
kat said…
How sweet! Funny we went out on Saturday to a surprisingly light crowd, think more people stayed in this year
Peter M said…
Awww, the man's a mensch and he knows about the little things girls like too!

I agree, tonsil hockey with the partner is much better at home.
Patsyk said…
What a sweet surprise! You got a good man there!
First of all, that salad is beautiful, and you know I love blood oranges! Now as for your special guy, I'm verklempt!! Talk among yourselves!!
Correction! I'm really feklempt!! Now still go on and talk amongst your selves! ;)
Anonymous said…
i'm SO with you on the v-day thing (as you read on our blog the other day). i just don't get it... jonny and i have never once celebrated. in fact, this year was spent with my sister, her friend (both staying in my small, small flat) and my parent who came in for a play. it was a love-in, but not just b/w me and jonny.

i will still say, even in my cynical mood, that the note from your delivery boy (tee hee hee) is very sweet.
Lori Lynn said…
Your husband is a gem! That is soooo sweet!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
stacey - here in padova at a free internet place so am checking up on all i've missed. love your v day post with that wonderful surprise from your hubby. reminds of one mine made years ago in the back yard, stomping out a heart in the snow. i agree with you on eating out for v day too. much better to stay at home. keep up all the great posts.
Melissa said…
What a sweet snowy message.

I agree - Valentine's is better at home with a great meal. But more importantly, I feel romance happens day to day. It's all the little things that mean so, so much. I don't need flowers and candy. I love when others empathize with that!