Crostini Lunch: Ricotta w/ Roasted Tomatoes

Since my husband is home for vacation I try and make some interesting lunches besides his usual turkey sandwich.

We have had paninis, homemade soups, fried rice and anything I can come up with from leftovers to keep it interesting (for fear he might buy lunch at McDonald's!).

I make crostini as appetizers almost always, so why not have crostini for lunch?

One of my usual combinations is ricotta cheese on toasted baguette slices with any roasted vegetable, zucchini w/ roasted cherry tomatoes being my favorite.
I have added grilled artichokes and anything else that might delight.

Today, since I had roasted plum tomatoes on hand (doesn't everyone?) and some of my pesto (not much left) from the freezer, what a better way to make a weekday lunch seem special.

To Roast Tomatoes (cherry or plum tomatoes):

Oven at 475 degrees. If you are using plum tomatoes (egg shape), then cut in half, if you are using cherry tomatoes, which are sweeter, keep them whole.

Place in a shallow roasting pan and drizzle with olive oil, lots of kosher salt and any herbs you like. Roast about 15-20 minutes until tomatoes are blistering.

These are excellent on sandwiches, in pastas or salads or just eaten plain! I LOVE THEM!!!!! and always have them on hand in the fridge

Toast your bread slices and spread some ricotta cheese on top while still warm.
Add a dab of pesto (I love that word "dab"), and top with a roasted tomato.
Looks like you are ready for company.

The question from my husband was "is someone coming over for lunch?".
The answer "Yeah, you".


kaye said…
Those look amazing--I love the color combination! I've never roasted tomatoes before, but it sounds easy, so I'll have to try.
That was incredibly SWEET--your answer to your husband's question. I'm sure he feels extra special :)
Have a wonderful Thursday.
kat said…
Oh that would be a treat for lunch. Since we both are at home every day I'm always looking for new ideas
LaDue & Crew said…
I bet he felt pretty special when you said that. Sometimes the best meals are a bunch of appetizers. I didn't know you could freeze pesto- glad to know now! I flung my hubby a turkey sandwich for lunch yesterday- but I added Cheez-its to the lunch box for a little "wow" factor ;-)
I'm drinking my morning coffee and wishing I had this for breakfast! I could easily have a couple of these right now!
I love the colors on this! So nice of you to make a special lunch. I'm usually focused on just getting ideas for dinner and lunch is an afterthought.
Anonymous said…
That was sweet of you to make this for your hubby. I've actually never roasted tomatoes in the oven :)! I always thought I'd burn them somehow, I need to give it a try.
Maria said…
Crostinis make the perfect lunch! I love the toppings you went with...and I really hope he didn't sneak of to McDonalds..that would be so sad!
Pam said…
Now that's a great lunch. I could eat way too many of these beauties.

The chicken piccata down below looks amazing too.
Now I am going to have to roast some tomatoes this week!
Bob said…
That's a great idea! They look wicked good.
Mmm these look delicious. I love crostini and now that I know how to make my own ricotta cheese, I might have to try these! Your hubby is lucky to have someone cook lunch for him every day!

Karen said…
I just bought a bunch of roma tomatoes yesterday. I'm going to roast some today :)
StaceyEsq said…
Wow. What a love story! Who would think that you and Henry have been married for so long?!?!

I'm making the chicken piccata for dinner tonight -- the beauty of working from home a few days a week!

XOXOX -- Stacey
Anonymous said…
Nice lunch. What a weekday treat.
Anonymous said…
this would make great flavors over pasta too. like pesto with ricotta and some roasted tomatoes. so fresh and delicious. great app.i'm also imagining some fresh mozz on a great baguette with the pesto and roasted tomatoes sprinkled in as a good lunch. maybe some arugula shoved in there?
Colleen said…
Looks like the perfect lunch to me! Some of my favorite flavors!
My hubby works from home, so I am always trying to come up with interesting lunches as well... always a challenge! This looks like a great idea to switch things up a bit - yum!!
Patsyk said…
That's my kind of lunch. Love it!