Chicken Piccata

What a boring title to this post, but chicken piccata is anything but a boring dish!

Chicken piccata (meaning piquant or sharp in Italiano) has always been a weeknight favorite in this house.

I made it last night with garlic green beans and even the cat begged for more!

I started with 4 skinny boneless chicken breasts (I bought them that way at the market).

F.E.B. stands for Flour, Egg, Breadcrumbs. Always remember "feb" and you have it made.

In a heavy skillet, melt 1 tbsp butter and some olive oil.
Coat your chicken breasts, dipping in that order: flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs and cook about 2 minutes each side.

Using tongs, transfer them to a cookie sheet and keep them warm in a 250 degree oven while you are making the pan sauce.

Wipe out excess oil from the skillet, and squeeze in the juice of 2 lemons, 1/2 cup of white wine, 1/2 cup of chicken stock, and a handful of capers. Bring to a quick boil, and then turn down to a simmer.

Simmer this mixture about 3 minutes until it reduces a bit, scraping up the brown bits.
This is your pan sauce! Turn sauce off the heat and swirl in another tablespoon of butter for richness.

Pour over your coated chicken breasts and serve with lemon slices on top.

Simple and easy. My kind of dinner!


Maria said…
Not boring at all!! This dish will please the masses!!
kat said…
I have never made this & now I'm wondering why, I sounds so good
LaDue & Crew said…
I love this because it's easy to make and always elegant. I add a million capers, too... I love those things! Your pics always look perfect, too!
What fancy results for a simple recipe. You have one lucky cat!
Sure doesn't look boring. Lemon, wine and can it be boring?
Bob said…
I've been trying to get my girlfriend to try this dish, but she won't eat anything with capers in it. I think I might just have to make it for myself. ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh how I love this meal!
Anonymous said…
Chicken Piccata is my favorite dish of all this.
Mila said…
Chicken piccata is one of my favorites! This looks delicious!
Foodiewife said…
Your daily food blog should come with a warning: DO NOT LOOK AT IF YOU ARE AT WORK AND VERY HUNGRY!
Gawd, that looks good... almost like a German "Schnitzel".

Chicken piccata is a go-to dish for me. It was probably the first chicken dish I ever cooked for anyone else when I was first learning to cook in college. I got the recipe from the Frugal Gourmet (usees sherry rather than wine and also includes parsley adn scallions in the sauce) and I still have that battered old cookbook and still use that recipe. It was the first meal I ever cooked for my husband.

It's a chicken dish that will always give me warm fuzzies.
Karen said…
I love chicken piccata and it's fancy enough for company, too :)
I've never had this. It looks delicious!
Lori Lynn said…
One of my all time favorites Stace!
Yours are so perfectly browned!
RecipeGirl said…
This is the sort of dish I absolutely love, but for now I must do a watered down version which would involve frying it in cooking spray! Love that piccata sauce. Great recipe.
Looks great! it probably be good with fish too.
~m said…
i add a little lemon juice to the egg bit... yummers!
I never met a piccata I didn't like! My kind of dinner too! Yours looks yumm Stace!
Anonymous said…
I love chicken piccata! When done right, it has so much flavor. Yours look tasty.
Melissa said…
Definitely a quick and wonderful meal. I make it without capers for Steve, but it's still awesome.

FEB, yes, good way to remember!
StaceyEsq said…
I made this for my husband, Jamie, and he told me to tell you how much he loved it! The next time it snows, he's going to write, "I love Stacey" in the snow and it's not going to be meant for me!!

Hugs -- Stacey
Catherine said…
Just reading your post made me drool. I'm definitely going to try your recipe this week.

Cheryl Keller said…
im going to make this dish tonite,i will let you know how it turns out!
Cheryl Keller Recipes
Anonymous said…
I made this for the first time about a month ago for a new beau. Used 1/2 c. lemon juice instead of broth. He is all about me after that one! LOL
Unknown said…
How did you make your bread crumbs? Your chicken looks yummmy and crusty!!