Ghosts of New Years Past

Yes, that ghost would be me! Don't be frightened, it's just a negative.

We got a new camera phone and were playing around with artsy images while I was preparing the New Years Eve meal.

We had a 2 day feast.
An open house for New Years day and some family for New Years eve dinner.
Lots of food & lots of cooking. So what else is new?

The beautiful big ass beef tenderloin, this time cooked in MY OWN kitchen! Came out just right. Served with a horseradish cream sauce.

Steakhouse potatoes.
I have seen so many good looking gratins on blogs lately, and decided instead of my usual gruyere w/ leeks and potatoes, to do a more basic recipe w/ cheddar cheese & breadcrumbs, how could you go wrong?

A lasagne made with my homemade pork shoulder ragu, pesto and fresh mozzarella.

Roasted Brussels sprouts. Good winter veg.

I also served a turkey for the non meat eaters and an easy salad of mixed greens topped with sliced pears and gorgonzola w/ spiced pecans.

What a great way to ring in the new year. Good food shared with the people you love!

(The real me in pajamas preparing the lasagne for the open house. Not a ghost!)


SarahB said…
Oh I love the pictures! I am so hungry!!!
looks good...I am now wondering what the meat looks like in negative....lasagna is comfort food numero uno...isnt it?
Peter M said…
Happy New Year bizarro-world Stacey!

The beef looks...well, perfect. Hope you tackled the day without getting too tired.
Bob said…
Holy crap girl, that tenderloin looks sublime! It all looks wicked good, but that one just makes me want to dive into my monitor.
Anonymous said…
Cool photo. Your dinner looks fabulous, must have missed my invite in the mail :)...

Happy New Year!

Giff said…
hmmm that lasagna looks fabulous. I'd love it if you posted your steps. My lasagna knowledge is fairly Marcella Hazan-bound.
kat said…
Oh my what a meal!
Patsyk said…
I love the fun photos! Looks like quite a meal to bring in the new year! That lasagna looks truly wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I know the food...will it ever end. I spent yesterday babysitting my Prime Rib getting it to the magic 135 was worth it. Everything looks grand and you even look fabulous as a ghost...who knew!
I love your kitchen! So light and bright. So nice to see you in your element Stace, now I can always picture you there whipping up all your good food.
That sauce looks mighty good!
Zesty Cook said…
OK Stacey.... I love the pictures. This food looks incredible! Please send me some of those potatoes.

Ilva said…
wow what a wonderful meal, I am coming over next time you are having a dinner party!
Ooohh...spooky. Loved it. That's one of those photos that's going to end up on Snopes being debunked about the rumor of the cook who haunts the kitchen.

What a beautiful spread. That's the kind of thing that makes me envy other people's holidays. Tenderloin? Pork Ragu lasanga? I am so there! Can I come to your house next year?
Lori Lynn said…
Hi Stace - that negative looks cool! Say, your menu is simply fabulous, what a great feast, I bet everyone had a wonderful time! Happy New Year!
I love these pics...I just put up a brussel sprout pic on my blog too - love it!

What gorgeous food! Everything looks so yummy!

Thanks for passing by!


Anonymous said…
ok, i've got alot to catch up on here - you were one busy blogger over the holidays! but, i can tell you: 1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 2) those pickled eggs looks awesome. that may be the next great retro-food comeback of 2009! 3)deadhead bread - that's one i need to check out 4) no bechamel on the lasagna? who gives, it looks amazing.

hope you had a wonderful holiday season! here's to 2009!
Pam said…
I really wish I would have been at your house for dinner - this feast looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
Wow, a ghost who prepares roasted sprouts! What a feast! Come haunt my house any time.
Melissa said…
I'm seriously impressed with that lasagna. I need to really change mine up. Great job!
Tara C said…
Stacey, I have been a big fan of your site since the summer! I have made a number of your recipes and ot some girlfriends hooked as well! I have to ask, how can you post a picture of those steakhouse potatoes and not put up a recipe?!?!?! Girl, you are killing me!!