Blogging Pets to warm you

Can pets really blog? Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could blog about their day?
I know I would bookmark it to my google reader!

For all of you freezing your butts off in the bitter Northeast (12 F in NYC today) and Midwest parts of the country (& my Canadian friends), make some stews and soups this weekend, build a fire and enjoy. Cozy up with the ones you love and enjoy the warmth of your friends and family & read some good food blogs.

For all of you in San Diego, Florida and beautiful Arizona, don't even talk to me. (I'm kidding, I am just jealous!).

Here are some good blogs that I read and the pets that add some flavor.
Some cuteness to warm you up this bitter cold weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and happy reading!

Mila's kitty licking her waffle cake
Kiss Cook Blog

Jen's kitty sneaking a peak!
Last Night's Dinner

Jen Yu's dog Kaweah from Use Real Butter

Kathryn's new kitten Pippi who thinks she is in Playboy.
The Sassy Kathy

Rosemary's dog Webster the potlicker!
Content in a Cottage

Linda's handsome boy Rocky, with his own plate of pasta w/ swordfish (lucky cat!)
Ciao Chow Linda

and last, but not least.....Shasta Peanut Louise, the 19 year old blogging queen of Stacey Snacks keeping warm on a cold Saturday morning.


My 15 minutes of fame begins now. Thank you Stacey! ♥Webster
kat said…
I get so jealous of everyone else's pet, we can't have one because of Matt's severe allergies
we have two feral kittens running around some where - its rare that we get to touch them - this was the first day we got them....
Anonymous said…
Webster better be careful not to mess up the Oriental/Persian rug. Obviously Rosemary has prepared for the worst.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - I adore this post with these cute animals. Thanks for giving Rocky another moment in the sun. I'm impressed by your cat's age. Rocky is nearly 17 and I thought HE was old! Stay warm this weekend -- and keep cooking!
Anonymous said…
Nineteen! OMGoodness that's amazing.
Shasta Peanut Louise,is 19 years old? She dosen't look a day over 6!
Good genes, like her Mama!
LaDue & Crew said…
How adorable! Shasta Peanut Louise looks like a very content gal! Well, better get... it's so warmmmm out here I gotta go out and see if my freckles will connect together :-)
rcoda said…
I'm from Arizona... I won't say a thing! :^)
Bob said…
Love it. Heh, if my cats could blog it would pretty much be:
"Caused trouble, slept" Noodles.
"Behaved myself, cuddled and slept" Bob.
Mila said…
Aww thanks so much for doing this post! I love animals!
K said…
hooray! thanks auntie. glad Pippi got another chance in the spotlight. she really is a little diva. on my way to visit her right now in fact! :)
Success - I am feeling better despite the coldness outside! Thanks!
Aw. These are all adorable. I don't have any photos of my animals eating. They just graze. A while back Kevin took this video of Jenna eating a carrot close up. It's called "How to eat a carrot - by Jenna". I'm not sure why, but it's hilarious.
Melissa said…
Shasta is beautiful. :) I loved all these photos. I look at numerous animal sites every day and they always truly make me day brighter.
Anonymous said…
What a bunch of cuties. We have a new little kitten who has decided our back porch is her home. (I really don't mean to rub it in, but it's 75 here again today. So glad I moved south.)
Lori Lynn said…
I love the animal pics, maybe Wilson the Boston Terrier will make it in a post one of these days.