Smoked Salmon on Cucumber Rounds & a Happy New Year

This time of year it seems that we eat a lot of heavy, rich foods.
Lots of cookies, candies, cakes and just too much of everything.

Here is a great appetizer that takes 5 minutes to put together, it is healthy and low in fat because there are no crackers or bread.
The smoked salmon provides a great source of protein.

You can even use low fat cream cheese if you like.
These would be great to serve tonight for New Years Eve, so we can get our "healthier eating" resolution going early (except all the champagne drunk tonight will negate that one!).

These are guilt free!

Smoked Salmon on Cucumber Rounds:

Cream cheese mixture:
I use Philadelphia whipped cream cheese and mix in chopped chives & lemon zest.
(You can use low fat cream cheese or any flavored cream cheese that you like).

Cucumber Cups:
2 English hothouse (seedless cucumbers), peeled and sliced 1" thickness.
Lay on paper towels to drain out all liquid before filling the cucumber cups.

With a melon ball scooper, cut small scoops out of each slice of cucumber, about half way thru, without going thru to the bottom. This will make a little cup!

1 package of Scottish smoked salmon, cut into 2" pieces.

About an hour before serving, fill your cucumber cups with a little of the cream cheese lemon zest mixture.
Lay a slice of salmon over the cream cheese and garnish with a sprig of fresh dill.

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2009.

I have enjoyed meeting so many terrific people thru my blog this year and have even made some new friends. Go figure, and no one turned out to be a stalker or a weirdo (well maybe one person who keeps sending me licorice in the mail).

I appreciate that you take the time to read my words and even try my recipes! Thank you!

Have a Happy New Year!


Wishing you Henry and Shasta All The Best in 2009. Happy New Year!
♥Rosemary and Webster
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year, Stacey! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! I am excited to see what 2009 brings!

Your #1 Fan, Ellen B
Linda said…
Hey Sta!!
Congrats on "Blog 2008" Its been fun following it! A toast to "blog 2009"!!
Happy New Year to you and "baby Bro"!!
Love you
LaDue & Crew said…
Thanks for having such a great blog to stop by and visit! I've enjoyed it all and wish you, too, a fantastic, safe 2009! Janet
Bob said…
Happy New Year to you!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for my new employment.
It's been fun and I'm looking forward to 2009 bringing more of your great recipes and photos.
Happy New Year to you and your darling.
The Food Hunter said…
Happy New Year! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you in Phx in 2009. Love reading your blog!
Pam said…
What a delicious appetizer - my husband would really love these. The scampi down below looks amazing too.

Happy New Year Stacey.
Anonymous said…
Licorice? Okay that's funny! I love coming here, thanks for sharing your life with us!
Anonymous said…
Licorice? Okay that's funny! I love coming here, thanks for sharing your life with us!
SarahB said…
Happy New Year Sta and Hen! It's been so fun reconnecting with you! Love, Sar
Anonymous said…
Wow, liquorice in the mail, you are one popular gal, Stacey! You make me crave for smoked salmon... I think we're having some tomorrow, but not in it's "light" version (ie with Swedish flatbread and cream), too bad!

Have a very happy new year and let's meet up soon!
Bluebird NY said…
Congrats on the success of your blog, Sta! It has been nice to get your recipes without having to write them down in shorthand as you dictate :-)

May all your dreams come true in 2009!
Patsyk said…
I love a guilt-free appy! Might have to make that for bunko in January!

Happy New Year!
Peter M said…
Happy New Year Stace! I have to make some apps. today and I might just make this one with my smoked salmon.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Stacey.
Everywhere I went this holiday I kept on hoping they would have something like this to eat, but instead I just got fatter.
Anonymous said…
This is great! We had something very similar. My friend cut up mini bagels, slathered them with cream cheese, topped them with cucumbers and I brought smoked salmon to go with them! Very tasty and healthy. Happy new year!
Court said…
Yum, what a great appie! Looks delish!
Kat said…
I made these a few weeks ago and they were a hit! I am posting on my blog with a link to your site. Thanks for the awesome idea!!!